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I'm really surprised no one has commented this yet!

French (also Turkish and Danish) F-100s used to weather very heavily, your model captures the feeling very well, Murad.

Well done.




PS I suppose it's the ESCI/Italeri kit reboxed by Tamiya, right?

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46 minutes ago, Mr.Happy said:

Nice technique on that paint job Murad 👍


Did you yous Gunze ❓




Mr. Happy (In name only)



Thank you too, paints were tamiya tho i didn't follow the instructions for code instead mixed and matched, tan ended up very off tho :D

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48 minutes ago, ChippyWho said:

C'est formidable! Yes, the Italeri and ESCI Huns (they aren't quite the same...!) are still the solution in 1/72. Your weathering looks superb -do you have a shot of the underside, by any chance...?


ChippyWho thanks i havent build trumpeter's 1/72 ones but shapewise i too heard esci is the better one. Unfortunately these are all the shots i took and the model is no longer with me... 

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