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F-104C Starfighter and AIM-9 missiles

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According to this page; http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/f-104c.htm the F-104C could carry 4 off AIM-9B's.

Were these carried on wingtips and under the belly, or wingtips and underwing rails? 
Been trying to find pictures without any luck, so hopefully someone here knows? 


Just bought the Caracals F-104C sheet, and really getting the F-104 bug :D

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I was in the 479th from 1956-1960. The first two years with F-100Cs. We transitioned to the F-104C starting in Oct. '58 and were the only TAC outfit to fly that bird.


While the AIM-9 center line pylon was capable of carrying two missiles,it was NOT USED. It was tried only once and not used again. When we deployed to Spain to fly air defense the belly pylons were not even included in the fly away kits.

Until Viet Nam, the only thing the center line pylon was used for was nuclear shapes (Mk 28) and the practice bomb dispenser. The 479th did not have a nuclear mission assigned so we did not actually carry live nukes.


In Spain, where we flew air defense during the day and in good weather only, we flew with AIM- 9Bs on the tip and no pylons on either the wing or fuselage. We also flew a lot of training missions during that time. Usually they were flown with tanks on both the wing tips and pylons. The refueling boom was almost always installed.

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Thanks for the replies guys  


In typical fashion, just after posting this thread I stumbled upon this article; http://www.456fis.org/F-104.htm

Here it is stated that the belly mounted racks were only available from ~61 upon completion of Project Grindstone, but proved troublesome as you state, Nfiler. 


Just out of coolnes, might have to build one with belly rails and wingtips though 8)

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