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Here is my entry:


1/48 Hasegawa Sea King



Color scheme has not been finalized yet nor have I decided on open or folded rotors.  I'd like to fold the tail but don't know about my ability to scratch build that part.

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I will throw down with the MRC/Academy OH-58D with Werners Wings OH-58 Upgrade, Zactomodels MMS and PE and Fireball Models Decals


The pictures are taken from the internet, other than the MRC kit, all are links from the actual shops so should be kosher for sure. I am not a master like some of the guys who frequent the site, but I look forward to butcher the OH-58D into a model for the shelf! 

Reason for links and not "real" pictures is that I am 1363.6 miles away from home at the moment (according to Google that is the exact distance...)










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OK, getting the X-Acto warmed up!! Will probably start with 2 at least MBB Bo-105CBSs, one Police & one Medevac. While the paint is drying on these I could be gluing/painting one of my Academy AH-64Ds and I want to add this to these birds!!!




Good times!!!

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I'll be participating in building a Hellenic AH-64DHA using the 1/48 Hasegawa kit with Aires cockpit and Heritage HIDAS, the decals will be from a supplier in Greece.

Note the new markings which have been applied to at least 3 a/c from the 2nd AHB(Attack Helicopter Battalion) during 2016.



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Planning on doing either a PMC or 160th SOAR MH-6 using the Profiline MD500 kit.  I also picked up an Italeri AH-6F Night Fox kit the other day at Hobby Lobby, so heck, I may do both.  No idea when I'm actually going to get to start, though, as I leave for school less than two weeks after the GB starts.  Sad day.

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4 minutes ago, midnightprowler said:

Started on the engine.

Doing some painting on the engine now.

Open up a new build thread here in the Helicopter Group Build forum.  Go to Start Topic, label it with your build title, and that will be yours for displaying your build progress.  The Hangar section is just for listing what you will be building.  When completed, post final pictures in the Helipad section.

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Here is my 1st build 1/72 Italeri UH-34J Sea Horse of this group build. I hope to get it start ASAP.!

For the color I'll used the decal of US Marines of 'Yankee Papa' (YP20) squadron legendary during the VN war, I don't recall were it's come from but it wasn't an after market decals, may be from other old kit I guess?!, Cheer and Happy New Year 2017 with all your guys!!:wave:




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1/48 Revell H-19. Box art is, well a Zip Loc bag, as that is how she came off of Ebay...

Markings will be Spanish Navy. Detail parts for this kit are pretty much non existent, so I will scratch the flight deck, and maybe do some work in the crew compartment, depending on time and motivation.


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