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Completed builds, Star Trek 50th ann GB

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NX-01 the Enterprise that started it all 40 years after the Enterprise that started it all.....Or was that 100 years before???




All my 1/350 scale Enterprises together......









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Excellent work! Does that refit have a ton of Aztec decals like the Polar Lights

1/1000 refit does? Still think the best looking Enterprise was the refit. They all

look most excellent.---John

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The NX is one of my favorite ships.  If I remember right it had a crew of about 85 or so. 


Do you have a link to those decals?  I tried looking up ReCreation decals and all I get are sports, emergency organization, and misc decals.

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Thanks for the link, I'll have to wait until the first of the month to order so I have money on my disability card.


What preparation did you do or what other colors did you use under the decals?

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Here is the Galileo II.  It was an easy kit to work on.  It is not real accurate to what was on the show but if someone wanted to make an accurate version this is a good starting point.





It was a kind of hard getting good shot with the lights on but here are a couple.




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