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Ok...who had the flu this season?

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I'm still getting over having the flu. Started getting it on Christmas Eve from a family member of my wife's. Began with the cold sweats and general achiness. That quickly turned into congestion and finally nausea. The virus decided to kick it up a notch last Friday when I threw up twice at work. Luckily I work at the same apartment complex I live at. So I came home and sleep for 16 hours straight and finally feel better. Still want to murder my wife's aunt for giving everybody the flu though. I'm just glad our newborn son didn't catch it from anybody.

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People can be so stupid.  My first child caught a cold from my mother the weekend he was born because she absolutely INSISTED on coming to see her new baby grandson.  He little immune system was attacked and he had tiny little nasal passages filled with mucus.  I was not happy.  We had another relative come over for Christmas dinner, because she WAS NOT going to miss it, even though she was just recovering from a bad respiratory infection and was likely still contagious.  On top of that, we had another family member there who was going through Cancer treatment and has a compromised immune system.


At school, I see kids all of the time coming into class sick, or nearly sick. They are all certainly contagious.  I tell them "STAY HOME."  The most common answer is, "My Mom won't let me."  To may parents, aside from education, the school is a government baby sitting service.  And, of course, kids are excessively social because most of them don't know any better yet.  I tell them if they come to school sick, they are a walking disease vector.  They just do not take it seriously at all.

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I haven't had the flu in a LONG time. While employed I'd get two colds each year due to coworkers bringing their kid's cold to work.  I'm retired now and really surprised I didn't get anything from my nephews and niece at Thanksgiving or Christmas.


I feel for you flu sufferers.

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