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Polar Lights 1/1000 U.S.S Enterprise Refit

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I have been a Star Trek fan for almost as long as I can remember. I have a distant memory of watching The Original Series  as a very young child, in the early 80s, and when I was in first grade My Dad and I went to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in the theatre on a rainy day. This is a special memory as it was just my Dad and I.   


Enough about me, but since that rainy day in 1982 I have been a big fan of Star Trek, and have always been captivated by the Movie version of the ship. To me, it is the definitive version of the Enterprise, so when this GB was approved, I figured it would be the most logical choice.


The kit is a a snap-togther kit, with a fairly low parts count, but it does come with a comprehensive decal sheet which includes the complex aztec pattern.


For a sense of scale, the box is the same size a 1/24th model car box




The parts:




and finally the decals:




Next post, construction begins!

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I decided to start building....


The parts fit together pretty well, but not perfectly. I decided to run a bead of liquid cement around the circumfrence of the saucer, and on parts of the warp nacelle pylons. The Warp Nacelles were a bit fiddly and I ended up having to to cut some of the pins off to get them to fully come together. This will require some sanding.


It is tricky to photograph well since it is white plastic:




I looked at the directions, which state to install the impulse thrusters, but I want to mask them first, and before installing I figured it would be a good opportunity to add a bit of color, as though the impulse engines were on




And where we stand after session 1...




I ordered the paint I will need, the directions state to use a pearl white finish, then to use the decals.  I will also need to experiment to find the best way to replicate the blue glowing effect with the deflector dish.





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Looking good! Will be watching this one. I am currently finishing the Polar Lights 1/1000 TOS

Enterprise. I am going to do this one soon, I have watched several you tube

videos on how to do the decals. Best video is by Doctor Fausts Painting Clinic.

He has 3 videos of this kit showing flaws and tricks. Will be watching this one.---John

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To do the blue deflector, use Tamiya clear blue on the inside and glue in place. When I did mine in 1/350 it was clear blue, the area inside silver the A light blue in the middle to give the right effect.

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And I am in putty, sand , repeat mode










And the engineering hull required a fair bit of sanding and some putty, and somehow I always end up with sloppy putty application.


The saucer is shaping up ok




I fitted the Impulse engines, but it caused the seam to come apart a bit, it was glued and clamped after this picture was taken:





As far as the deflector dish, what I had in mind was a spot of white in the center, and around the diameter, then to back that with transparent blue,  then back that with more white, or mabye silver, then to dullcote the front of the deflector, since it is not shiny. the Deflector is small, so it will be tough to get right. I will need to practice on some scrap 





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And work continues,


I know it does not look much different but I have completed putty and sanding operations. everything has been fine sanded to 600 grit.




and the troublesome warp engine




Next up, a good scrub to wash off the sanding splooge and then primer.


I ordered paint for this kit which should arrive this week.





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Thanks for the encouragement Phantom ...


and I am at the primer stage. The instructions suggest painting and detailing major assembles separately. So in a process unusual for me, I primered the major assembles




how do you like my solution for the saucer? The 2nd hardest part of painting next to masking is figuring out how to hold parts....


One of the reasons I primer a model is to find areas that need to be fixed before painting. I found several, like this:




quite a few boogers to address. Join me next time for more Putty, sand, repeat!

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It does not look like a lot, but it was a good couple of days, I feel like I am making progress


While primering, i noticed this trouble spot ... dang it!




so after another round of putty & Sand




and the Warp engines...




So, satisfied with the cleanup I have given the parts a good wash,  and in the next day or two, I will give it another coat of primer. Hopefully the seams are fixed.



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After priming, this seam is still there




how irritating!


It is just too shallow for my 3M acryl blue to get in to, so I decided to try Mr Surfacer 500




hopefully it will get into that seam. We will see tomorrow when I try to sand it.


thanks for looking!


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Time to start painting


A few days ago I decided to paint the first step, white. This is Tamiya lacquer  decanted and airbrushed.


The only problem was I had trouble finding away to mount the parts so I dropped this part on the floor. I was frustrated and used some very foul language.




Kind of hard to see, but on the bottom of the shuttle deck it ended up with dust and cat hair


no big deal, I let it dry for a day, sanded out the dusties and did round two tonight





still needs another round of light coats, painting white is something I struggle with, so I am trying to be paitent.


but I dropped one warp engine. ugh... so it will need light sanding and painting






this model just does not want to be built!


but I will prevail





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