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Space Shuttle 1/72

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I started this before I got back into this hobby ... before I had any idea how to build up a kit. It's been sitting in a box for at least 15 years, maybe 20  :rolleyes:


It's a Monogram. 1/72 and I'll be accurizing it and adding a bunch of Resin and some PE to depict the Hubble Space Telescope Repair mission.

This kit was manufactured in 1979




I've got a couple other models on the go which I'd like to complete in the next week or two, then I'll come back to this GB.

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This one may just take the rest of the time of the GB ... this was started at least 15 years ago and has been collecting dust. I've been on ARC for 10 years and this was started before I had any clue about how to build a kit.


This will depict a Hubble Repair Mission, STS-125. The Payload Bay will be detailed using Real Space Models Resin and PE as well as Dutycat's Resin cockpit windows.


The Real Space Models Payload Bay, is unfortunately, incorrect, but it'll do. There is some very nice detailing of it. I added some styrene bits and Copper wire, years ago, to depict Junction Boxes and wiring.





The Forward Bulkhead will get removed and detailed later on. The lip at the bottom of it needs to be cut off so the PB can fit





Dutycat's nicely detailed Resin Cockpit





The PB dry fit. There's gonna be a lotta patching in here.





The first cut ...





Using Dymo Tape as a guide. I doubled up the thickness of the tape.







I had forgotten that I had sprayed Foam Insulation in there ... I guess to add support? But the cut off bit didn't wanna come off and I couldn't figure out why ... 









This is off to a good start! This is gonna get a lot of modifications ... but it's a model I've wanted to build for a few years!


Till next posting!

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Thanx Phantom!


Uh ... yeah Mike ... that's a good one!   :rolleyes:

Honestly, I do not recall why I sprayed that in there. But I do recall that it was suggested on a Forum or FSM magazine ... so, as with all my models, I tried it to learn a new technique. I must admit, it has really adhered the styrene tubes ... and with no shrinkage over these 15 or so years.



This was all done all those years ago and will need just a little more sanding. Plus the Fuel Line connections will need to be filled in.





All these little nubs need to clipped off and sanded down. They are the hinges for the model if the Payload Bay doors were to be demonstrated to open and close.





These styrene tubes, for the Reaction Control System thrusters, the walls need to be thinned. 






Drilling out the windows on Dutycat's resin piece






I was a little too aggressive with my sanding ... I'll just fill it with styrene.





Cutting off a sliver off the kit's cockpit which I removed earlier ...





... and added it to the aft end of the resin piece. With just a little sanding, carefully this time, it'll fit nicely





Removed the Elevons for repositioning because they float freely on orbit.





Thanx for looking in!

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Are you going to use decals for the tiles or add a textured tile pattern?


For the cockpit windows you should consider using clear plastic.  Dutycat(Gil) had a couple of the glass windows break off and fall inside.  Glue doesn't like to stick to glass too well. 



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If you need belly tile decals, let me know. I can't remember if I sent you those or not. I have photorealistic belly decals that fit the Monogram shuttle perfectly.

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Mike, I'll be using Hotdog's belly decals and First Aid Tape for the Thermal Blankets. And thanx for the heads-up on the Gil's glass Windows ... I was gonna try Future on both the Glass and some clear plastic. White Glue works, but the adhesion is really tentative, any little movement and the bond breaks. Future is a more grippy, but not permanent. But I won't know for sure till I try it out on some scraps.


Hotdog, I'll send you a PM ... yessirree, I'll certainly use whatever you've got!


Kurt H ... thanx a lot for taking a peek at this! The kit part isn't bad at all. I've used it, on another Shuttle model, and simply masked the kit's windows to get an accurate representation. And this Resin piece is nice. Dutycat has done a nice job on it.


The Hubble Telescope is already built and will, maybe, need a little refurbishing. I haven't even looked at it in a few years.

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Pete,  Canopy Glue is good for gluing clear plastic windows in styrene kits.  I'm not sure how it would work with the resin.  Another option is 5 minute epoxy.  The epoxy will hold clear styrene windows in place.  I would stay away from the glass windows unless you find some type of glue for them.

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After some trial and error with clear styrene adhering to resin, I decided, that because there's no cockpit details and if the windows were clear, all the viewer would see if they looked inside, was Spray Foam Insulation, I would use White Styrene sheet. Plus I had to get this Cockpit Resin attached because it was holding my progress back.

Thanx for your help anyway Mike!   :thumbsup:


My poor sanding resulted in some ... um ... fit issues. It took a week to get it right.   :bandhead2:





To attach the Elevons, I use 1/2 Round styrene





A BIG patch on the Aft portion of the Resin Payload Bay from Real Space Models. Again, due to my aggressive sanding ... but this was easy.






The Drogue Chute compartment needed to be trimmed





... plus I filed down the top tip of the Tail






Starting to identify and fill those gaps.





Some of the Resin PB is so-o-o thin I had to reinforce it with styrene





... and a nice big air hole ... this'll be the seam between the fwd and aft PB






The new "Windows". I'll just paint 'em a dark colour and put on a coat of Future 





After I installed these, I realized I didn't need to remove the original cast resin windows ...  :doh:





This is how I fill those major and minor gaps. Lots of bits of styrene. I also clamped solid metal rods to the PB because the walls bow in and I wanted them as straight as possible to prevent cracking of the Cockpit area when I install the PB resin parts.





Some minor gap filling using .005" styrene







... then Tamiya putty for the minor surface indentations.





And we're up to date.


Till next posting!

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Looking good, Pete! I think Dutycat used glass slides like the kind used with a microscope for his windows, super glued to the inside. I can't remember if the beanie cap he sent me came with 'em or not. Anyway, it sounds like the styrene sheet solution you came up with might be the way to go here anyway. Just don't paint the windows blue! :rofl:

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