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I've decided to do a pair of P-40s from the now 50+ year old Monogram (Revell) kit.    I have 6 finished P-40s and a lot more in the stash, and there is always room for more.  


One will be with the kit decals for an AVG aircraft since I don't have one yet and a collection of P-40s needs a Flying Tiger. 


I haven't decided on marking yet, I have decals for an Egyptian one in desert scheme, but I just saw pictures of examples flying later in the war in a NMF which is interesting on an early P-40.  



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Kurt, funny you replied.  I had started this awhile ago but never took pictures.   I completed the main assembly on both kits today.  I am still not entirely decided on the paint schemes, I briefly considered a NMF one that was in service around 1943, but with this kit that might just be an exercise in frustration.   However, I was pleasantly surprised with how they went together.  I was expecting some major gaps and fit problems and while it is far from a perfect fit they actually went together well for very worn out 50+ year old molds.   There will be filling and sanding but it is a lot less than I was expecting.  









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P-40s are getting painted.  I'm really using these to play around with Mr Paint which is by far the best paint I have ever used.   It sprays perfectly and is so easy to use.  The only downfall is it is lacquer so it does have fumes.  




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