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Looks like the mods may be away from the forum at the moment, so looks like we are going to go rogue on this GB... no supervision!


Any way I have selected the Monogram F-104 for this GB. 


When I returned to the hobby in 1999/2000 I had a goal of building all the monogram century series kits. At the time, none were in production, but we had this magical new thing which allowed a modeler to get any kit, any time .... eBay! Think about it, in a time before ebay, you had to go to a show and shop the vendors, and a show might be in your area once or twice a year... or you had to hit Hobby stores where ever you traveled on the off chance they might have something old in stock. Priority mail shipping was just 3.85, but you had to send a money order, in the time before paypal.  Those were fun times.... we were all here, but this was even before ARC, we were all reading RMS on Usenet...


Any way, I found all the kits and built them all except the F-104. Right now all I have left over from that effort is my F-106, so I still have the goal to build them all and display them. While this kit has been superceded by the Hasegawa F-104, I really want to build it, I have owned this kit at least twice that I remember, and sold them in purges. I finally got another one within the last few years


Here is the kit


I love old monogram boxes





and this issue dates from 1978 so it is definitely pre-1980




and the kit:





Typical monogram of the era, nice detail, raised panel lines, low parts count. I love the silver plastic. I always liked how it was just a little bit softer than other colors, and even when raised detail is sanded away, you can still see where the line was.


Back when I first decided on the Century series project, there was not much available for USAF decals for the F-104. So, I bought a testors F-104, for the decal sheet. I think I tossed the kit at some point, but saved the decal sheet, which is quite usable, it depicts the markings of the 479th TFW.


I do have the Caracal F-104 in Vietnam sheet, but I am going to save that for my Hasegawa kit. This build is unfinished business, I want to follow through on something I started ages ago







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And building has commenced, as usual with the cockpit






the cockpit was painted with Tamiya XF-19 and the panels painted semigloss black. Once the details have been picked out with white, the cockpit will be assembled.

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1 hour ago, Spectre711 said:

That looks much better than the Revell kit.


Do you mean thisone? The 1970s "Venice Beach " original incarnation of revell kit?




I have often wondered what this one looks like.  Neat box though .... 

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I have completed the cockpit:







a little rough, I really struggle with instrument panels!


but it is so tiny and not terribly visible 


and I installed the flame strainer? what ever it is called



The "tail pipe" is painted tamiya metallic gray and has tan dry brushing to highlight the high spots. 


In the spirit of this GB I think I will leave the gun bay open, so I started painting the insert piece with Floquil bright silver. 




When that is dry, I will paint the gun a contrasting color then maybe add a wash.  this will also prevent a ton of Putty, Sand, Repeat on the panel. 





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A major Milestone I have the fuselage halves together. 





yeah the picture is not ideal, but  the batteries died in my camera, and I grabbed the last 4 AA batteries in the house and they did not have enough juice for the camera, so no re-shoot!


I did the best I could dry fitting, and aligning the halves when cementing, hopefully I will not need to sand half of fuselage away.


Here is a shot of the gun...




This will look good with a wash. 


Join me next time ... when the glue sets, we will see what I have to work with....

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18 hours ago, phantom said:

Looking good, but wow, now you can see why I do Hasegawa Starfighters now!


Yep, as much as I love monogram kits of this era,  This amount of sanding does get old after a while.


But that is what this GB is all about, appreciating our past to truly appreciate the present.

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Looking like a proper 104 there Kurt...good stuff! I have a Vietnam boxing of this kit in the stash done in olive drab styrene, my least favorite color! But I just don't have the patience right now to deal with the kits fit issues. But you are doing great! Looking forward to more updates.


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Allright, time for an update


After the glue dried, it was time for my typical "thick and quick" putty treatment




Meanwhile .... I decided to get the intakes ready, I did not feel like getting the airbrush out for a small job so I brush painted Floquil bright silver on the inside parts




Jumping ahead one day, the 220 sanding has been done, and most of the airframe is now assembled




I realized at my workbench I have a gift for seeing the future ... in the coming days I see lots of putty and sanding ...


Till next time ...



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My prediction was correct


massive putty application




Then after a few days ... scorched earth sanding with 220






You can not see it, but the scratches from sanding made the plastic feel like corduroy.


So after progressing through 320, 400 and 600 grits, and a round of touch up with Mr Surfacer 500, this is where we stand:





I will wait for the Mr. Surfacer to dry then sand it. Then maybe it will be primer time.





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No worries about killing all the raised fine details? Such old raised monogram kits need a lot of careful fingers at that stage, I can tell because I have a Cobra helo on the bench right now...

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15 minutes ago, tobiK said:

No worries about killing all the raised fine details? Such old raised monogram kits need a lot of careful fingers at that stage, I can tell because I have a Cobra helo on the bench right now...


Obliterating the detail is not my goal, but in some cases I do not know of an alternative. There was a pretty big step there. Maybe it is possible to sand a smaller area?   I am sure it is but it may be, but it is beyond my capability. :thumbsup:

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After priming the enterprise I am building over in the Star Trek GB, I had a little primer left in the color cup, so I decided to see how the seams were looking on the f-104


Looks pretty good




maybe I will get this one ready for paint this week



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I glued on this part, not sure what it is called, it is the part under the rear canopy ... and it required putty and sanding





I found a few more spots requiring another round of mr. surfacer, so I will do more sanding next time


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And we are ready for primer!





There is liquid mask on the canopy. the windscreen is masked with frisket paper.


The plan is Mr. Surfacing Black primer 1500 followed by as many shades of alclad and metalizer I can throw at it. 



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