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12 hours ago, phantom said:

Good good, get that paint happening!



Yes sir Mr. Phantom!!!!


I have primered the F-104, using Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black  ..... Thinned until "it looks about right" with Mr. Leveling Thinner.


sorry, I had to use the flash, but it was the only way I could get enough light on the model





Though not apparant in this picture, the surface is very smooth, smooth enough for NMF, but first I do need to paint the wings, I will double check my references but I believe it is white on top, gray on the bottom. I see masking in my future .....

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long time no post. so sorry!


On 2/14/2017 at 7:49 PM, worldslaziestbusker said:

I've never built a 104 (I know, wash my mouth out, hair shirt) but will keep an eye out for this kit for the sake of the gorgeous silver styrene.
Classic kit swoon!


this is actually only the second 104 I have built.  I built a testors F-104 when I was in 9th grade. I was pretty excited to buy it at the Air & Space museum gift shop.  Unfortunately at the time I had just started sanding seams, and had not quite grasped the concept of using progressively finer grades of sand paper . I think it was one of the first models I airbrushed too. a bad kit, built badly! 


This one is coming out a bit better. 


I have not been posting, but I have actually been pretty busy masking. It was tricky to find good pics and figure out what and where to mask. but I think I figured it out:




so the next task is to paint the tops of the wings white.


You might be asking your self .. why he no prime the wings a different color ?


I have read in several places black is actually the best best base color for white. Well, let us give it a try...


It actually covered really well




I do not know what is happening here but it did cover better and build up more "whiteness" easier than any other white paint job I have attempted. 


this is gunze mr. color lacquer. i will give it a few days to dry and move on to the gray


I am sure you are also asking why am I masking  the areas now? I guess I just want to keep the base coat of black as clean as possible. it is a lot of masking but I want good results so extra work now will hopefully result in a better model.





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I painted the gray tonight. 




might not be the right color, I used aircraft gray.   But it looks ok.


The texture on the under side of the wings was not as smooth as i would like, so I went back with a very thin mixture and tired to level it out, this is testors MM enamel...


I hosed it on a bit too heavy




kinda hard to see but I got a run .. I stopped before making it worse. Augh!!! rookie mistake.  maybe I can sand it out, but in the mean time I will need to wait forever for it to dry.


till next time....

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I have been working on this one even though I have not done an update.


It ends up the paint dried on the under side of the wing, and the run is barely noticeable, and since it is on the bottom, it is ok.


I decided to paint the wheel wells first. I figure it would be easier to mast them, than to mask around them




and the speed brakes






next task, more masking, then on to Alclad



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2 hours ago, airmechaja said:

I like the F-5 or T-38  on the side also.........looks good:thumbsup:


It is a monogram F-5E, another real classic. It was too far along for this GB, but it would have been perfect.  It is going to have Iranian markings, and it is the first paint job I did with my new Grex Xgi . 

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And painting continues


all masked for alclad




and after 8 refills of alclad in the color cup




Took a while to ensure complete coverage. once this is dry, I will mask off some panels and try different shades to try and replicate the appearance of a real F-104.


and here is a bonus pic of the F-5, about to get a clear coat:





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  • 2 weeks later...

After looking at pictures of f-104s I started with a darker shade for the aft fuselage ..Alclad Dark aluminum







after this dries, a different shade in the middle of this area and then maybe some heat staining.


see ya later!




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On 3/17/2017 at 10:23 PM, mlicari said:

This looks really great.  Way to beat that kit into submission!  :thumbsup:





Why thank you! It has been an adventure...


and here is where we stand now. I like how the rear fuselage came out , but I buggered up the gray panel on the tail








Trying to decide the best way to address it. 


till next time!

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On one side I would need to touch up the alclad and do not have a color of paint to match. 


I did come up with an idea to cut a mask, I took a rubbing with a pencil and a piece of paper, so I can cut out the shape of the panel with frisket paper. Now I am trying to decide how far I need to go with the tail... sand ... or just a coat of primer and another coat of alclad ...


I will figure it out.

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I decided to try a brush touch up around the edge with floquil old silver... and I think it worked well






I will touch up the grey, then mask and paint the anti glare panel on the nose and it will be time for decals!



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the best laid plans....



I masked the anti glare panel 




I had some time so I figured I would airbrush the Olive drab.  I was pretty sure I had at least 1 bottle of MM Olive drab, and 1 bottle of tamiya olive drab in the paint hoard. I started searching and found 3 and four bottles of other colors I did not know I had, then found "green drab" "medium green" "interior green" dark green , kinda dark green, green drab, RAF green, etc etc etc then finally found a bottle of MM Olive drab .. which was dried out. :angry:  


Some research suggests some NMF F-104s had black panels, but all the pictures I could find of the unite I am modeling have OD anti glare panels. i will take another look tomorrow.



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