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Finally got a chance to work on models after work yesterday.


The kit. I got this as a present from my Secret Santa this year. --



The parts with holes drilled out for lighting --



A quick light test. I was trying to decide the best light placement. Do I put the nav lights against the parts or use tube as a stand-off?



I chose the stand-off.

I also realized when I had them almost all buttoned up, I hadn't snapped a picture of the inner structure.



Everything is tacked in with hot glue.


I got the light harness with the kit as part of the present. I realized I am going to have to modify it to get it into the model.

First photo for the Star Trek group build on ARC. This is the lighting harness for K-7.


The arms are all glued together, but the fit is awful. Fill, sand, repeat.



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Sunday's work - one of the clubs I am in has biweekly build sessions. It seems this is the only time I get to build.


First things first. I needed to identify which lead is which.32194311582_2825a0bc3f_k.jpg


Once I got that done, I cut them. This should make handling the parts for seam work much easier.32305215856_080ef17bf0_k.jpg


I do need to ponder how I am going to power it as the battery box in the light kit doesn't even come close to fitting. I am thinking a jack for a wall wart.



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I realized, after I cut everything apart, that I didn't note the order the LEDs fired in. Hook up, test, mark.


I did get the first pass on seam filling done. Mr. Surfacer 500 wiped down with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.




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No... I have been rather busy lately. I did hit the seams with primer yesterday and found I need to do more seam filling work.


I am also gathering up the miscellaneous electronic parts. I got lucky and got some toggle switches at a Radio Shack liquidation sale, but no luck on magnet wire. I need to run six pairs of wire through the aluminum stand tube for power and the switches. I may strip some fine wire out of a CAT-5 cable.


More updates soon.



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I found a CAT-5 cable and cut a 2' length from it. Stripped the outer sheath and ran it through the aluminum tube I am using for the stand. It's tight and there may have been some chafing, so I will need to see if any of the conductors are shorted out to the tube.32896963283_628d96ceb4_k.jpg


Need to order the power supply and jack from Amazon.

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Worked on the stand last night.



The stand with my calculations and the holes for the power and control switches drilled out



Everything in place to test it. A Romulan is lurking in the background, as well as my Doolittle Raider.



Power connector installed.



One thing I didn't consider was if the tabs would interfere with the base sitting level. So, I bent the tabs out.



Toggle switches installed.


I need to prime and paint it. I also need to shim the stand hole so the tube fits better.



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I have finally gotten a chance to do some more work. The end of the school year is always busy, but this year included moving my daughter and her boyfriend. Ugh.




The gap at the bottom of the hangar doors is pretty bad. I shimmed it with some strip and...



The upper pod and arms have been an exercise in "fill -- sand -- repeat." Almost done and, honestly, it is some of the best filling I've ever done. 







I was doing some sanding earlier this week while working from home. One of my cats assumed this was the perfect opportunity to attack the wires! I wish I had taken a picture of it.



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Finally satisfied with the seam filling on the top disk and arms.




I did a coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 Black Finishing as a final primer coat and as a light block. Looked like kryptonite.34891596746_3133d40eee_k.jpg34891599246_d097324efd_k.jpg


Another coat of Mr Surfacer and it looked much better.



Time to put it together!34948437095_13a96359ef_k.jpg


This vintage 1975 AMT tooling sucks!



Soldering the wires. I chose too small of a heat shrink tube and it didn't work right.



The fading LEDs connected.



Testing the white LEDs. They didn't all work the first time.



Time to coil up the wiring and button it up.



Glue the hub together. Did I mention how bad the fit is?



Everything still works. Had to figure out the final wiring at this point.



Had to splice an extension to the board's positive power connection.



And it still fits in the brass tube. Barely.



I am on vacation this week, so I may actually have it done by Wonderfest on Saturday!



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The fit of the arms to the hub is pretty bad. One was cocked upwards. So I cut some 0.010" shims to fill the gap.



And installed.




Putty and sanding.



Not perfect, but getting there.



I did do some extra work, but didn't take pictures. More sanding, Mr. Surfacer 500, and putty. I need to prime again, but I think it is ready. Today's task -- securing the brass mounting tube.

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Securing the brass mounting tube: The fit was pretty sloppy and the tube was just butting up against the top of the hangar module. Typically, I like telescoping brass tube to mount my sci fi models, so that's what I did.





I used some Evergreen  1/4" square tube to contain the tube.





Epoxied into place. Turned out, it was a little too high.34609502140_a54668faa4_k.jpg


So, I pulled out the Dremel and ground it down.



Puttied, sanded, and glued into place.



The hub:

I primed the previous day's work.34186382163_84807eda6a_k.jpg


After some sanding, I was finally satisfied. I hand painted some Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 on the top of all the pods for extra light blocking.



And, the final prime on the hub.



I started working on the domes. The tops were masked so I could paint them clear read, green, and blue respectively.



I took a picture, but it hasn't made it to Flickr yet. I took a break for dinner and some TV with the family. Afterwards, I started masking the individual windows. It took a half hour for one dome, but I know what I am doing now.


If I am going to take it to WonderFest, it needs to be pretty much done today. Wish me luck!



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Back from WonderFest. It was great! Got to see lots of friends and great models. My Vulcan Shuttle won a Merit - my first award at WF!


Back to the topic at hand. 


Hangar pod glued to the model.



Time to mask the domes. Ugh.



It makes a mess.



Ready for installation and the coat of white paint.



White paint to help light reflection.




Airbrushed on the domes.







Light blocking test.



Color coat. I had thought to streak it on to help weather the model.



I didn't like how it looked. This is before I decided not to get it done for WonderFest, so I went with a second coat.


Still wet...



Color coat on the rest of the model.



I still have a few more days left on my vacation. More photos to come!




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