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Tupolev G-5 Brengun 1/144

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I've been busy for a while with this one, mostly cleaning up parts, and now I'm almost at the point that I can apply some primer.


This is a Tupolev g-5 in which Tupolev (the aircraft designer) had a big hand. This is an aluminium torpedo boat which could reach about 117km/h on water, so it was pretty fast and small... Torpedo's were launched is a special way that best can be explained with a video:




This was pretty dangerous because one needed to keep the vessel aimed at the wannabee victim till after the release of the torpedo. It's speed and small silhouette were it's greatest advantages. The aluminium hull was a different story, because salt water and aluminium gave corrosion, so after every 10 hours in the water it needed an overhaul...


It's armament consisted of 1 or 2 heavy MG's, 2 torpedo's or an array of mines or a combination, and later versions got a Katyusha launcher fitted to deal a bigger punch.


It was mostly used to lay mines


one solid resin hull:





a resin bridge:


small details in resin




some PE


I must admit that the resin is nicey casted...


I've been playing a bit with the torpedo's to remove the flatness of the PE:





the hull with most details mounted:


the strengtheing for the torpedoguides


details for the grabhandles on the hull:


1 of the 2 heavy MG's. these are made of 4 parts, 2 resin and 2 PE... very tiny and not so easy to photograph:


Hopefully some primer soon... but I think I will need a talk with the misses first... she doesn't care for this hobby and every build is one too many, so...

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Yesterday I had a cancelled meeting, so I was able to spray some paint:





The lamps don't help for the right color, but it should be more like, so I'll think to keep this as a base and apply very thin layers of grey over it:


Some tiny MG's...




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First attempt for rust on the exhaust (and eventually first attempt ever...), it's a long tube, and due to salt and heat, I don't know if these rusted a lot... but I suppose that salt between the holding clamps, heat at the beginning and condense at the rear will have done their work

Not finished, but what do you think so far?







Next playing a bit more with colors and oil...



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