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I need your help.
I remember a thread about the three different styles of Tomcat main wheels but I cannot locate it despite having searched through all F-14 threads since last fall.

Last weekend I tried modifying a set of Tamiya main wheels with half of the white metal hubs from a Hasegawa F-14, but now I have my doubts as to whether or not I used the correct wheel hubs.


Can someone help me out here?


Thanks in advance,



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In order to pick a wheel, you need to know the time frame of the jet you are modeling. Like you said there are three different styles, which style you should use depends on the variant and time frame.


Left to right, YF-14A prototype, F-14D and, F-14A / B.





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Let's try these descriptions again as nothing above is totally accurate. 


1. Far left is F-14A only, from prototype until late 1970s. They remained in the system until late 1981 but by 1980 were in very small quantities. 


2 Middle. Standard F-14A/B/D wheel beginning late 1970's thru 2006. (Possibly 1977 but for sure by 1978 and was same time tail stiffeners came out - The first picture I have of it was early 1978.) They would first go on new production jets and then work their way into the system in the fleet. 


3 Far right. F-14B/D only starting in 2004. A's never got this wheel. And at the end of the Tomcats life, most but not all B/Ds were using it. Brake hubs were produced by a Danish company and I believe was the first foreign part made for the Tomcat. I remember a fleet memo about it because the current system was wearing out too fast and there weren't enough spare parts in the system to last until the Tomcats retirement.  

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