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Next in line a Klingon Bird of Prey I figured I have owned for near 20 years. The amount of dust on the box art was astounding.


Looks to be even simpler then the NX-01 was. Paint will be what will save or destroy this build.




Going to be a while before I start 3 12 hour shifts this weekend then I teach 5 days next week.

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Finally got 5 minutes to build......Literally THIS took all of 5 minutes.




So while the boss let me be for another 10 minutes, so I built up the main fuselage.




Now its sits till I can get the base coat of light green on.

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Model was pretty much built in half an hour. But the major assemblies will be painted separately to make it easier.


Base colour.....




Rough colour hit. This being a Klingon will not be up to "Starfleet aesthetics"




Tonnes more paint, and weathering to come tomorrow and hopefully this weekend.

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... Worry not Gents ... we're all watching this!


Geez Phantom ... I can't get over the speed you work at! Way ta go!


And I hafta say, regarding your avatar ... years ago, when I listened to Q 107 and they had the "Coach" ... you've reminded me of that character ... I may have to refer to you as Coach ... from time to time!  :rolleyes:

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