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1/32 A-7 Intake Correction

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CANOPY/NOSECONE are not available!


No, the canopy/nosecone is not available yet. Please don't e-mail asking about it.

The nosecone can not be sold separately, it only works together with my canopy.

I will be doing some tests in the near future that will hopefully solve the vacuumforming problems I was having. If I am successful I will be re-releasing both the A-7 and Su-27 canopy sets.

I will post updates here after doing the tests.


The canopy and intake parts will be sold separately. I will not be offering the combo as before.




The A-7 intake correction parts are now available again.

This is not the full seamless intake, just the corrected lip and the adapter piece which forces the intake and fuselage into the correct shape.



If I am successful with the canopy I will consider re-releasing the seamless intake.







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Glad to see the corrections are moving forward. I've got a couple of the intake lip corrections and I must say they are really effective. Seem to be really easy to use and they appear to work in correcting the misshapen intake. My advice, buy them!


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