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1/72 russian helo seats? For Ka-29/50/52

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I'm looking for some 1/72 seats to detail the Hobby boss kits. I'm wondering who makes these?


Ejection seat for Ka-50 and Ka-52 (what seat is it anyway?)

Cockpit and seats for Ka-29?


also I'm looking for 1/72 K-36M seats. I know these aren't used in helos, but besides Pavla who makes them in this scale? Generally are the Pavla ones good enough?

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the Ka-50/52 use the Zvezda K-37 Ejection seat. But they don't seem to be available separately. So you would need to buy a complete cockpit set.


Ka-29: There is only a resin cockpit for the Italeri/Zvezda kit from Helicast (TC 72018). Don't know if is currently available.

Ka-50: Again, nothing for the Hobby Boss Kit. There is only a resin cockpit Set from Pavla (C72005) for the Italeri kit.

Ka-52: I guess you mean the Italeri/Zveda/Revell kit? Neomega (C32) does a cockpit set.


For the K-36 you have Quickboost and Wolpack too.




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Ka-50/52 - according to Pavla they use the K-37M for which they sell a seat


Ka-29 - NeOmega has a resin set and Helicast



Dont know much about either.


Lots of people make K-36, Aires (cockpit set), Verlinden, Dreamworks (pe), Pavla, Hertiage Aviation, Eduard (pe) plus probably a few others. Don't know anything about any of them.


Pavla, haven't heard any real bad things about them.





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