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1/72 ICM Tu-2S

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I got this ICM 1/72 Tu-2S kit from the hobbyshop a couple weeks ago, and I thought I would give it a go. It's one of ICM's older kits, and it's a bit rough, but certainly buildable. I know just about nothing about Tu-2's, or anything Soviet from the era, so forgive me for any mistakes. I'm building it OOB, and just follow the instructions regarding the colors etc.


This is how for I got so far. The cockpit is fairly basic, but I suppose it will look alright with the crew in place. The instrument panel still has to be fitted in. The instructions suggest using Light Ghost Grey for the interior, but after I had painted it and glued it together, I noticed on some pics it might have been a dark grey instead? Oh well.






Here are Ivan, Yuri and Ricardo. ICM suggests a dark brown leather color for their flight suits, kinda like what the North Koreans still wear, I suppose. Would this be correct?




They did a very nice job on the skin of the model. It's quite realistic, in my opinion, but it's also very fine detail, and I wonder how much of it will be seen once painted.




And like I said, some parts are a bit rough:




That's it for now, thanks for looking.

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I got some more panels on, and part of the tail. It all fits quite decent. Before you put the wings on, you need to work on the landinggear a bit, first. One of the rods is from the kit, but the others from Evergreen styrene, as it's a bit stronger.




And busy masking the clear parts. A job I actually enjoy:




Next up, fitting the wings. The fit of those is a bit less good than the fuselage, it seems.



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Well, I got the wings on, and most of the nacelles. Oddly enough the fit of these parts is much worse than the fuselage, so plenty of filling and sanding now. But the shape is there.



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