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"Ironclaw 500" - EA-6B Prowler, Trumpeter / Scratch, 1/32

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Cheers folks,


I'd like to show you a few photos of my 1/32nd scale EA-6B Prowler, a scratchbuilt conversion based on Trumpeter's A-6A kit. This conversion required the whole bunch of techniques I have access to - CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing and classic scratchbuilding. The decal artwork was drawn by me and then silk printed in Czech Republic. I am currently working on a carrier deck diorama , USS Kitty Hawk's port stern section to be precise; this is the area at least one Prowler was typically parked.




The Birdcage was fully scratchbuilt as it has nothing in common with its counterpart on the Intruder.



The deck personnel is from Reedoak, the pilots were built using parts from several 'classic' resin figures. When will we finally get some up-to-date Naval aviators in 32nd scale?!  





Here's an early stage of the carrier deck section with the Prowler on top.







If you are interested in seeing how the Prowler was built and if you want to see how the deck is being built, feel free to check out my Facebook page "Scale Navy Stuff"; you can find the link in my signature. If you have any critique, comments, remarks or questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


As soon as the deck is finished, I'll take some better photos and post them here!





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Absolutely brilliant piece of work! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the full diorama.





PS: I think I read that Videoaviation are just coming out with some 32nd scale crew figures.

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Wow, impressive indeed! I have not checked out the WIP to see how it all went together but the windscreen to fuselage interface looks really clean with perfect results. This area seems to be a problem with most kits in any scale of this aircraft type, including the Intruder. Great job!



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Welcome Ben,

Everyone here, you are all in for a treat watching this master at work.

As you know I've followed this WIP from the start on the LSP site and each and every update was even more amazing than the last. You should be very proud of your accomplishments with this. It's an unbelievable task and undertaking and you pulled it of beautifully.

The only critique I have is that she's not in my collection.  :thumbsup:  I'm very much looking forward as you push on with this project and anticipate future updates. Again, welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your talents with us.



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Stunning piece of work!!! We shared a hangar with the Gauntlets, but I left too early to see the CAG bird painted up like this. 

Do you have in-progress pics to share? I would love to see them. Absolutely incredible scratch building Starfighter!!! 

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Thank you all for your kind comments and please accept my apologies for replying so late - I haven't been online for quite some time. 


There are in-progress photos on LSP and on my Facebook page "Scale Navy Stuff" for those interested. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!





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