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C/KC/RC-135 in NMF - wings partially painted?

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Hi guys,


I need the help of the ARC-Community. I've recently purchased a second-hand 1/72 AMT RC-135V and plan to convert her into a RC-135E Rivet Amber.

While looking for photos of the machine I noticed that the wings are not completely NMF but some areas/panels seem to be painted. I had a look at other machines finished in NMF (mostly C/KC-135B's) and it looks like certain areas were painted in a mid-gray color like:


  • The mid of the wings (I guess were the wing fuel tanks are)
  • The wing-to-body fairing, excluding the wheel doors
  • The leading edge between the fuselage and the inner engine (not always painted)


Here are some pictures that illustrate what I mean: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3


Since I could not find any information on this my questions are:


  • Is this really paint or some kind of surface treatment?
  • If it is paint which color is it (Name, FS-Number, ...)?
  • Are the upper wings painted too? On most pics which show the upper wing I could not see any tonal difference. But in this picture it looks painted too. So were the upper surfaces NMF or partially painted too in general?



Thanks a lot for your help!




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Hi Rick,


thanks for that piece of info. Looking for Coroguard turned up quite a few results. Seems depending on the mixture (clear binder/aluminum powder) it can be any kind of gray. So I will stick to the few colour pics I have to decide on the color.







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Hi Markus,

Rivet Amber was initially natural metal (aluminum) until just before she was lost in June of 1969.   At the time of her loss, she was painted entirely in corrugard with the fiberglass panel covering the radar in a light grey as well as the center part of the engines.   The intake lips were polished aluminum.   One other thing to keep in mind, Amber did not have any walkway lines on top of her wings or on the left side of the tail at the time of her loss.   Here is a link to my in progress build. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this plane.  



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