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USAF QF-4 Phantom retirement?

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Wow, what a faded jet!  As an aside, the Heritage Flight sent 4 F-4s to BG Olds' funeral for the missing man formation flyover.  They parked at Peterson AFB and I just happened to be there doing some USAFR time.  No camera, of course, but what well taken care of jets!  Gorgeous paint schemes, too, including SE Asia and at least a couple of gray schemes.  They were flawless (as they should have been), at least on the top and sides.  Really cool to see them!



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On ‎21‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 10:43 AM, jmel said:

I have shot walkaround pics of every TD and HD Heritage jet ever painted if you want them.




Wow, what cooperation between competitors! I have some pictures from Oshkosh 2016 too of the two Phantoms there, if these help.

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8 hours ago, Bozothenutter said:


did anything ever come of this?


Another company released a sheet with this subject, you can search for it elsewhere.

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