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JAXCON 2017, Feb 11th, Jacksonville, FL (pics of awards)

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I want to put a quick plug in here for JAXCON 2017, coming up fast.  It is the largest scale modeling event in the Southeast, and will be held at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, on Feb 11th.


Here is a link to the show pages on the IPMS First Coast website.  There you can find directions to the venue, categories, rules, and printable entry forms.




Here are some pics of our awards...Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  As you can see, this year's theme is 60's Sci-Fi.  These are two inch diameter "coin style" medallions.



All regular awards will be provided with coin easels, so that you can easily display your award next to your winning model.




ACE Award.  This is for entries of merit that are just edged out for a third place bronze medal. It is NOT a defacto 4th place.  It has to be earned.




Event Pin Design.  All entrants, vendors, and volunteers get one.  We will have them in both antique and polished finishes.

Event Pin 17 Large


Special and Premium Awards.  The specials are 3x4.





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