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CT-133, old Testors kit, classic GB

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Well, if I am going to help moderate this GB , better build something. Have a couple in the stash that should work. 

1975 Tamiya Lancaster

1972 Hasegawa Neptune

But I shall start with the oldest. A 1958 Hawk re-released by Testors T-33 T-bird.




Now, the box is the 1980 addition with what might still be almost usable decals. But the kit itself is from when the T-bird was still new. Going to use Canuck decals for a 1958 ish Europe based RCAF CT-133.

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Did step 1.




The kit seats look like a lounge chair, so I will use the after market I was saving for another build. The wheel well....is ....not a well. Its a flat surface. Wow.this is an older kit!!! But it does indeed look like a CT-133.

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Thanks guys, wow, this kit is lacking. Like everything on the bottom and insides. Could not believe that there is literally no wheel wells.




So, inside I glued some clear plastic , which will get some ribs added once everything is puttied and dry. Then some paint. Also cut out the flaps so they are in their natural down position.

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Putty did the trick, looks like a CT-133 now. Built the rest up. Neat how the part numbers are molded into the parts. Sanded off the worst but I left the raised numbers on the landing gear doors just for poops and giggles.

Figure with raised numbers on the doors there is no REAL point of adding the ribs to the lack of a landing gear bay.


Overall the shape looks pretty fair. Still have yet to decide if I will glue the tail assembly on the plane or not. Might leave it off to show off the engine. 





Also added the Canadian parts, the hole for the engine on the port tail, fuel dump under the starboard side. Not sure the little nose flaps on the avionics bay existed  back in 1958. Think they were added in the early 60s, but I am not sure........Anyone know for sure?

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Dang ... you're fast! It takes me longer to load and clean my airbrush than it takes you to build a model!!  :thumbsup:


And thanx for moderating this GB, Phantom ... have you tried to find out where the "worldslaziest-mod' is hiding? Is he a-scared of the responsibilities entailed in modding?


And yeah ... show off that engine!

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Thanks, as for hunting down and finding the real mod. Naw......I have enough hunting and dealing with people in real life. Not about to become a troll or nothing. Heck for all we know the guy could be in hospital or something. Hope he isn't , but ya never know whats up.


Course, then again......"worldslaziiest" probably should have given us a hint of how much effort was going into this......:rolleyes:

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