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200th Scale B-52H by Dragon

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Though late to the party I'm going to build a B-52H. Presently I have a 1/200 Scale kit by Dragon so that is what I will be using for this GB.


As I want to do a 1960's era B-52H the pods for the nose and vertical tail have been omitted.


Fuselage assembly was straight forward. Paint cockpit pieces and glue the fuselage halves, "crew", and canopy together.




Likewise the wings went together with little problems. One of them (I can't remember which) needed as thin strip of plastic added to the bottom plate to ensure the surfaces of the plate and wing would be level along the join.




As an 1960's era B-52H is what I am looking to build I also needed to remove the blisters on the very end of the tail; forward of cannon.




As you see the blisters are carefully carved and sanded away on one of the two sides. The process was repeated for the other half.



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A particular place needing to address is the area where the bottom fuselage (which represents the landing gear bays and bomb bay area) joins to the upper fuselage. There was a thin; but noticeable, step along the join on either side of the fuselage.




To correct this I cut thin strips of card stock and bonded along that step with Tamiya cement




In this picture the grafts also extend out the the rear gear well. The strip was scrapped and sanded to blend the strip.




Presently I'm perfecting the repairs to remove the gaps between strips and pock marks in the preliminary filler (Thought I had a photo but I don't right now). I was scared this repair would not work but I'm pleased it has. Filling on the fuselage is nearly complete now. Some panel lines will need etching but thankfully not many.



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