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18 WG 44FS (ZZ) F-15C Decals in 72nd Scale

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Hi All,


Does ANYBODY make the lo-viz decals for F-15Cs from the 44th Fighter Squadron in 72nd scale?  Sure could use some but it seems the Far East Air Force is just not loved in the decal world!  (In 72nd scale, anyway!)  That being said, we could use some 8th AF F-16C "Wolfpack" decals in 72nd scale too!  


I'm just say'in!




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Try this; Afterburner Decals 1/48 F-15C Eagle Wing Kings Decal


They are for the 18th Wing Commander's bird with smaller squadron patches. 



Hasegawa released  !/72 F-15C Eagle 'Okinawa ZZ' 00036, but in 1999. My decals have yellowed a little and it's for the 12th TFS with yellow fin stripe. Google 18th Wing and you can see at least one with the 44th TFS insignia in a solid black color, not the outline version in the kit. 


Hope that this is useful.




Plenty of 8th TFW F-16 kits by Hasegawa and Fujimi. Maybe not recent versions. 

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I've done the current 44th flagship double MiG-killer in 48th and 32nd.  I'd like to scale them down to 72nd at some point but not sure when.






If you're into kadena, I've also written a book on this awesome base.



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Thanks All,


I'm really after the lo-viz, light gray decals in 72nd scale.  These seem to be the current scheme for the Kadena birds but I don't seem to be able to find them as they may not have been made yet.  I'll keep searching!





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On 2/8/2017 at 9:33 PM, Milo said:

Um yeaahh....  Have you ever used Academy's in-house decals?  Ugh.  Don't bother.  Something printed by Cartograf, Fantasy Printshop or Microscale would be so much better!

These new Academy 1/72nd F-15C kit decals are by Cartograf. :thumbsup:

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Hi Phil!  Please don't think I'm trying to argue or be combative but I'm sorry, they don't.  Not in the 173rd FW kit:


Academy's site


Both Academy's site and achterkirch's link show's pictures of the kit's contents.  No where on the box or decal sheet themselves is there a mention of Cartograf.  Also, check out the silvering on those decals on Academy's site!  Not a ringing endorsement if you ask me!


However, for the special edition 144th FW kit, they do:


Special Edition Cartograf decals


So, it would really be nice if aftermarket decals for contemporary Kadena Eagles came out in 1/72.  Jake?  Mark?  Anyone?  Please?!

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