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Su-34 in 1/72 by Italeri

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I will take part in this GB with Italeris 1/72 Su-34. A rather untypical object for me, since I mostly build western aircraft!

But this kit will be for a collegue, who bought it also, I will do a comissionend buld then!


Here is what I start with:




I will do it OOB and may need some advice concerning a realistic weapon load with the kits weapons.





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Did start with the cockpit:




The instrument panel is nice and has got some raised details:




I´m using Revells Light Blue 49, which for some reason is very hard to paint - not good since I plan to paint the complete belly of the Su-34 with this!




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In no time the cockpit was glued into the upper half of the fuselage, and shortly later both halves were mated:




I also added the tail-stinger:




And some color where the jet intakes will be, and of course the gear wells were painted, too.




So far progress is pretty straight forward! I hope my collegue enjoys this (I know he will, I talked to him this morning ;) ).




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I added the engine inlets and all the wings and horizontal stabilizers:




Was away during the week, so this progress is all the work of one evening. So far the kit is a really nice build!




Won´t take too long and I can start all the smaller parts like gears, sensors and pylons.




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I accumulated a couple of pictures from the week.


Here we have the proud moment when the Su-34 sat on its wheels the first time:




Then I added all the pylons:






The attachement of the canopy marked the final step of the assembly (except wheels and engine exhausts), so now it´s time for painting!








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Uops, just noticed I didn´t take pictures during the last days! So, what you missed: Adding the final blue (Revell 50), painting the radar nose (Revell 75) and some other little items. Also I just finished applying decals!






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Yep, all handpainted...


I applied the final coat of matt clear:




I have a really small problem, but it´s hardly noticable: The nose gear is not touching the ground... ;)




All the bird needs now is the pitot at the nose and of course the weapons!




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Please meet Igor and Vladimir, the two pilots of this Su-34:




And here are pictures of the finished model:




Unfortunately the camo and my lighting and the camera don´t do the Su-34 justice...




I presented the model to my collegue yesterday and he was very happy with his Su-34! She will sit on his desk and hopefully attract a lot, but not too much attention: He´s workig for the German Armed Forces and a lot of guys do have the occasional Eurofighter or F-4 Phantom in Luftwaffe-colors sitting on their desks. We will see if some dog-fight will occur in our offices... ;)






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