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Sever the sky, bring the thunder!

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Did you know the P-47 was the most-produced American fighter ever? Here's a 1/72 scale salute to the family, starting with the Seversky P-35A kit from Special Hobby. Following that is the Rareplanes P-43A Lancer, a Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt razorback with Barracudacals "Dallas Blonde" markings, then the (newer) Revell P-47D Thunderbolt in Lifelike's "Tarheel Hall" markings, and finally the Sword P-47N in Pyn-Up "2 Big and Too Heavy"/"Short Snorter" marks.





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Nice line up Paul, I'd never realised how petite the -35 & -43 appear besides the -47s, I'd always kind of imagined similar with smaller motors. Silly me.  :rolleyes:


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Paul,   You must have built thousands of models over the years.  I've seen some of these before in FSM reviews, your "how to" books, etc.  They all look pristine.  Which one is the earliest built one of the bunch?

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Presently, the earliest in my collection are a pair that I made for a Christmas present for my father in 1975. It represents a Martin Baltimore (Frog with modifications) that he flew in as radio operator in 1942 in Ferry Command taking these from South America over to Gold Coast to deliver to the RAF. The other is a Revell OV-10A Bronco that I flew in in Vietnam as combat cameraman in 1972. The diorama represents a space/time continuum of he and I meeting on the tarmac (Prieser figures):



Who is that slender, handsome, young aviator?


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