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1/48th Tamiya Corsair Mark I 

This model depicts a British Corsair Mark I (F4U-1) stationed at Brunswick, Maine in 1944.


JT 169 (18191) was the last Birdcage Corsair built by Vought for the British.

This aircraft was destroyed when it collided with another Corsair and crashed into the sea off Pemaquid Point, New Harbor, Main, June of 1944.


FAA Corsairs originally fought in a camouflage scheme, with a dark gray / olive-drab disruptive pattern on top and a light gray belly; the early Navy scheme with the O.D. added, but were later painted overall blue. It is unclear if the stateside squadron training scheme was retained for all British Corsair squadrons


All but initial deliveries of FAA Corsairs had 20 centimeters (8 inches) clipped from the wingtips to permit storage in British carrier hangar decks. 


The higher sink rate of the clipped wing combat aircraft caused problems for new pilots when landing on carriers. Eventually all the training aircraft had their wings clipped to alleviate this problem.


The surviving Corsair Mark Is were returned to the Navy in August of 1945.

The Corsair Mark II (F4U-1A) and Mark IV (FG-1D) were the only version used in combat.


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Great work David, i really like the super realistic finish that you have on your work (past subjects as well). Furthermore i appreciate the historical details that you mention, very useful! Thank you very much for posting this. OT, mind if i pm you on a question?

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