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1/48 Revell B-17G

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Here is my entry into the group build.  Revell's B-17G.  Don't need to elaborate, most people have built this kit at some point in their modeling career.  This will be a mostly OOB build, possible aftermarket decals.  I want to do Todalayo the all black B-17 from the 406NLS.  My grandfather was part of the 406NLS but was on a B-24 crew.  


Onto the build 


I forgot how much detail and fun it was painting all the stuff in these bombers. I didn't go crazy, since most of it will not be seen. 


Here is the nose/bombardier section 




Here is another view of the flight deck




Here is the Radio Operator Area with the ball turret





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On 1/30/2017 at 0:28 PM, krow113 said:

Great so far.

Being a night leaflet dropper , I would doubt Tondalayo would have carried the bombsight. There are specs on the leaflet container in 'Secret Squadrons of the Eighth' if you wanna put some of those in the bomb bay.



Thanks Krow, I would put them in the bomb bay, but since the bomb bay is molded closed on the revell B-17, it's not worth it, I'll save that for the B-24 kit.   Also for the bomb sight, I kinda thought the same thing but when I looked at this picture, it looks as though it might be installed.   I also seem to remember my grandfather telling me that they had them installed on the 24's.  



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