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Scratch building aircraft

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Are there any books, websites, videos, etc. out there regarding scratch-building model air frames?  I have scratch built several small parts from styrene plastic sheet, tubing and Milliput over the years to dress up my models but I have never built an entire model aircraft and would like to give it a shot.  Only thing that's keeping me from embarking on such an endeavor is how to shape aircraft curves. I know it can be done from styrene plastic; I just don't know where to start.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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John Alcorn's two books are commonly recommended starting points:




Harry Woodman's book is on-line, and a classic, too:



Fon Davis' DVD isn't really airplane specific, but I've heard really positive things about it (some really respected modelers are big fans):



Gerald Wingrove has two really great books, too.  They're about scratch building cars, and he uses metal, but there is still a lot of great info for aircraft modellers:




Lastly, for more videos, you can just spend a bunch of time going down the Youtube rabbit hole.

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I'm joining you in your question, Hawk1270.  Thanks for those references, MoFo.   This topic fascinates me too.  I've built small curved parts using the bulkhead and filler method -- only, the vacuformed shell ends up with lines where the styrene bulkheads are, I'm not sure why.  Maybe  they want to fuse with the styrene shell because of the heat.


Don't forget to post your scratchbuilt airframe builds, Hawk1270.  I'm really interested.   and check out these threads by Major Walt for some inspiration.





and a sci-fi build thread from roback over at therpf.



 It's incredible how they get to the finished product starting out with just bulkheads, planking and filler.   

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