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747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

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Was having measurement issues with my initial mounting plate trying to link it to the struts.   And  the line drawings were creating confusion as the front views didn't match the real hardware.   

I had to start from scratch and trace over the photos and derive measurements.   Works better and areas that used to puzzle me are now falling into place.  Will be scaling it down to 1/100 size once the 3D model is completed.















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Hi Tracy, thanks!   The details won't show as clearly, I believe, and the steps are bigger.  There's also this note from Shapeways:

"Sandcastle Rule: If this structure was made of wet sand, would it break?

There's a part in the production process for stainless steel 3D printing during which the model is fragile and brittle. It's basically like wet sand. When you design, ask yourself this question: if I made this out of wet sand or brittle clay, could I lift the design without it breaking? If the answer is "no," then your design might break in production."

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I thought they were screws or bolts at first, but wondered why they would be jutting out at the oddest spots.  I zoomed in more closely and finally figured out what there were ---  grease fittings for the hinges  : )    Now it made sense to have them where they were. There must be channels or cavities leading up to the bushings.


These fittings would probably show as little dots on the small 3D print (I really need to learn to simplify),  but I just had to model them right or I won't be able to sleep : )  









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Recognized the Zerk fittings, had to share:



Oskar Zerkowitz emigrated to the United States and changed his name to "Oscar Ulysses Zerk". He was also known as "Oscar V. Zerk". He became a world-famous inventor and one of his most prominent creations was a grease fitting known as "the zerk".


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Interesting, thanks!   : )   


Hi Tracy,  these sections have been bugging me.    I was thinking if I can either skip them (which would make the shape incorrect) or incorporate them as block/solid sections (and block off the holes on top and below).













The airfoil is highly simplified in the Hasegawa part, from the photos below that you had sent me.  I don't blame them.  The part is really tiny even on the 1:100.  It looks like they just extended the depth of the airfoil without really adding those sections. 





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Now THAT is some fine cad work there. Very impressive. It looks like you're building the real deal, Zerk fitting?!? crazy cool. But it looks like you're using the -32095-6789-PRT-304-50 version of them instead of the -52 which obviously was used on the SCA. I thought everybody knew that......Kidding of course. Amazing job, can't wait to see it printed.



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Hey CJ,

When you get a chance, could you look into separating the lateral stanchions from the main vertical mount? The aft mounts as they are do not survive in tact during shipping. Could you come up with a peg-n-whole gluing joint. They do not do well just gluing surface to surface with such a small contact point.



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Hi Bill, I almost fell for that : )   

Hopefully the details will show, although those fittings will probably be end up as tiny specks when printed : (


Hi Tracy, you need these separate, right?   







Let me see what I can do.   The port-side one is the more fragile of the two with those dual struts.  I might have to fuse them together with some webbing then create a pin at the end.  I would understand how they break so easily considering how small those struts are when printed. 

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Hi Tracy,  I hope this works.   




The struts can really break being so small so I figured it would be better to join them together, but still create the illusion that they're separate.
















And I widened the notch so the angle of the strut can be adjusted if necessary to conform to the airframe.



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Hi Tracy,  I've done the starboard side as well.  I've uploaded it to Shapeways and now it says the Smooth Fine Detail plastic (I guess that's FUD) is printable but the Smoothest (FXD?) one isn't.    Was it in FUD that you had it printed before?  


















Price came to $9.87 USD  ($12.81 CAD).     I hope it turns out ok without any printing issues that would require adjusting thicknesses : (    







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The others were available in Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic. (Page of 4 of this thread) I ordered 2 sets of these.


I think the break down you came up with is perfect.


I’ve heard that Shapeways has several outsources that print for them. One may not be able to do the detail another asset can.


I’ll share pics when I get them.



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Really glad to see it it works, Tracy!  : )     For the forward mount, still working on the fairings, sorry -- it's a bit of a challenge for me.   I got a request -- would you be able to measure the distance between the mounting points? I'll have to scale it down to size after modeling and wanted to make sure it matches your intended mounting points (as your shuttle might not match the line drawings exactly).   I'm also toying with the idea of a metal core (piano wire or some metal rod) sandwich so that the forward mount won't have to be cast.   Just not sure if the resulting strut diameter of the scaled down mount would allow it.

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Are you talking about from ball-joint to ball-joint, port-to-starboard? If so, there a pic on the previous page that shows them with the measurement written on the fuselage... roughly 49.5mm. The fuselage halves aren't fully mated, so maybe a tad less.



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Sorry, I was referring to the forward mount.   I'm trying to get the splay right to match it to the kit's airframe.   I couldn't find my caliper at the moment  : (     Would you be able to mark roughly where the fairings would be and measure this distance between the bottoms of the fairings?



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