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1/48 Fine Molds KA-14 Review/Preview

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Here's mine, built about this time last year. Basic paint sheme is a 50/50 mix of Model Master RLM 02, and MM RLM 63. Kit went together very well, with no need for fillers. I got the kit through Hobby Link Japan. Service was fairly quick, and postage came to 7 bucks and change. A little hint here, the kit provides axles that trap the wheel between the 2 wheel pant halves, and if you do it this way, you're in for some tedious masking. I have no need for rolling wheels (Nor for that matter, spinning props) so, i cut a wedge in the pre painted wheel, from the tite tread to the axle hole, like cutting a piece of pie. Then, all I have to do is, once the airplane is painted, is apply some glue, and slip the wheel onto the axle, from the outside. Takes more time to spell it out, than it does to do it. On to the pics...Oh, the last pic is closest to the actual color. Worst problem with this kit? It's a prototype airplane, only one existed, hence the variety of schemes is nil. Next build by Mitsubishi, they did away with the gull, and made other changes, and called the result A5M, which we came to know, as Claude. Oh, the gloss is Future, 3 coats, applied with Q-tips.












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Ok I love it and was not aware of this kit being released. Thanks for posting.


Nice work there Hal and thanks for the tip on the wheels. I have one kit I will be trying this on. I have seen others do this and I think it is a great trick when you don't run your aircraft off of the dining room take off strip :thumbsup:


Oh yeah you can really see the Claude's lineage there.




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Thanks for the kind words. Funny srory.. Many years back, my club did a model display at the old NAS So Weymouth, in Ma. We set up our tables some 50 feet from those giant clamshell blimp hangar doorsd, to stay out of the sunshine, for one thing.I had built the old Revell 1/32 scale Zero fighter, rolling wheels, spinning prop, etc. A good breeze started up outside, and was roaring through the hangar. Dad blasted Zero actually started taxiing! Caught it just before it would have taxied right off the table.


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