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MiG-23 canopy framming

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I'm building trumpeters MiG-23ML right now and while searching for a camo scheme, I found some migs with a central frame accross the canopy hood and some without one.Trumpeter meanwhile only included a hood with the frame. Whats the matter with this ?


Here is a 23 without it:


Libyan and syrian ones are missing it as well. Could it have something to do with export versions ?


Best regards


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2 hours ago, janman said:

The earlier ones didn't have central frame.

But if the frame is supposed to be there, why are there photos of MLs without it ? Maybe those ones were replacements ?

It's really strange because even the MS has the frame, why should a ML be lacking it.

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As far as I know, Floggers until and including MiG-23M, which was the first true production version, had no central canopy frame, at least not originally. On the other hand, it's Warsaw Pact variant - MF - had a frame, while the third world version of the same thing - MS - did not. I would say that's how it should go. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Soviet and Warsaw Pact MLs (and MLDs) have the central frame. Then again, some third world birds seem to lack it. I can just guess why.

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Yes. MF was part of the first true production "batch", likethe Soviet M and the third world MS. I really can't say why some later generation MLs do not have canopies with  central frame. A wild guess would be that old canopies were used as spare parts.

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