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CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

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CD144006 will be a new 1/144 scale sheet dedicated to the C-5B/M Galaxy. It is intended for the new Roden kit (announced by the company as a May 2017 release) and will be released as soon as the kit becomes available.

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Wow thanks for the info Kursad. I must have been hiding under a rock when Roden announced that. Now I can stop looking for the old Revell/Otaki kit. Even though I have built one already in that Euro One scheme I still want another kit. I want another one to do a what-if Pan Am Cargo scheme. However I will still see what you release. Still a beautiful aircraft in my books.

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If possible please provide markings for all three major paint schemes - original gray/white, Euro 1 and the current Gunship gray ones.

Although Euro 1 obviously doesn't offer the kind of 'colorful' that the early and late schemes provide. Then again Euro 1 won't take up that much space on the sheet :-p

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1 hour ago, quark51 said:

Will there be a option for a C-5 from Stewart AFB in New York?


I am not at the stage where I am drawing individual tail / unit markings yet, but I have a few photos of Stewart AFB aircraft in my references folder. I will try to include as many units as possible (similar to the scope of the KC-135R sheet), so it is highly likely I will include one on the sheet.

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I received the kit today - I posted some photos at the Roden C-5 thread in Jet Modeling.


I have a feeling that many of you will want to use the Caracal sheet instead of the kit decals. I see a few issues with the kit decals:


1. There are some pretty strange color problems - look at the national insignia, which are somehow printed in a medium gray. These will probably disappear on an AMC Gray fuselage. The USAF specification clearly calls for black national insignia. So you will need new national insignia decals at the minimum !


2. The markings provided are for C-5B 86-0024, with unit markings that read "82th AMW / 346th AWM" . The "AWM" is most definitely a typo - but the "82th AMW" unit designation is more confusing. There is no 82nd Air Mobility Wing or 346th Air Mobility Wing - these units do not exist. Even if they existed at some point (I did not check), they are most certainly inaccurate for any time period where the aircraft carried the newer Travis tail band that the kit decals try to depict. C-5B 86-0024 was assigned to 60th AMW / 349th AMW - and this is what the unit designation at the nose should have said. 


The unit name markings on the kit decal sheet are therefore unusable if you want to build an accurate model. Caracal Models CD144006 will provide you with many options for USAF units that actually exist ;-)







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Slight change of plans for the 1/144 C-5 decals.


The Roden C-5B kit decals turned out to be worse than I expected. Considering the price of the kit and the issues on the kit decals (wrong unit names, gray national insignia, etc.); I expect all but the most frugal modelers to opt for aftermarket decals. 


Now that a new tool C-5 kit is available, I also expect  many modelers to actually finally build some of their previously hoarded Otaki/Revell C-5A kits. 


Therefore I decided to release not one, but two C-5 sheets. One of them will be a C-5B/M sheet (with overall gray and Euro 1 options only), and the second will be a C-5A sheet (with white on gray, overall gray, and Euro 1 options). I will announce the product number for the C-5A sheet shortly - CD144006 will be the C-5B/M sheet.

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Texas, Dover, Travis, Stewart, Martinsburg, Memphis, Wright-Patterson, Euro 1 examples with "Patriot Wing" or "Empire State" on the front fuselage....all covered on the two sheets. Just allow me a few days to finish shipping all of your preorders for the latest batch, and I will share profiles.

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The C-5 sheets are almost ready. If you have seen the Roden C-5 kit, you already know that the kit decals are next to useless for most serious modelers.

The 10 options on the C-5B/M sheet (CD144006) are:

  • C-5M 83-1285 "Spirit of Old Glory",  436AW, Dover AFB
  • C-5B  87-0027, 436 AW, Dover AFB
  • C-5M  86-0026, 60 AMW, Travis AFB
  • C-5B  87-0040, 60 AMW,  Travis AFB
  • C-5B  86-0021, 60 AMW, Travis AFB
  • C-5B  87-0039, 439 AMW, Westover AFB
  • C-5M  86-0019, 433 AW, Lackland AFB
  • C-5B 86-0022 "City of Rio Vista", 60 AW, Travis AFB
  • C-5B 87-0041, 436 AW, Dover AFB
  • C-5B 83-1285, 436 AW, Dover AFB

The first 7 options are in the current overall AMC Gray paint scheme, while the last 3 are in Euro1 camouflage.

Once again, this is a C-5B/M sheet. I will be releasing a C-5A sheet at the same time, and it will cover other units based at Stewart, Martinsburg, Memphis, Wright-Patterson and Altus. The two sheets will share a black-only sheet (not shown) which mostly covers stencilling found on the current AMC Gray scheme. More info on the C-5A sheet later.


In addition to markings for these 10 options, you get comprehensive stencilling, walkways, full set of serial number digits to build almost any C-5 from the units covered, windshield decals in black, decals for the hard-to-paint glare shield on Euro 1 painted Galaxies. The C-5A sheet will also feature color stencilling as applied to the earlier white/gray MAC scheme. 



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