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Monogram/Koster P4Y-2 Privateer

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Hi again !

Sernak, the Cobra kit should be available again thanks to Mike West at LSM. Just be patient...

Joel, glad to see you back !

Thanks for the comments. Bill Koster is a master designer, and his kits go together fairly nicely.

All vac kits do not fall in the same league however.

Oh and when I was talking about a new year, it was a new academic year, starting September.

Not that fast a build...


Back to the Privateer.

The cockpit was dressed up with parts from the Eduard B-24J set and scratch-built seats and overhead panels



All turrets are vac/resin parts from Koster Industries




And finally yesterday I finished filling and sanding the cockpit and bomber canopies.





Some more rescribing etc... is still needed, but I should be able to start fuselage painting/weathering this week.

Cheers !



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2 hours ago, strikeeagle801 said:

My grandfather-in-law was a photographer's Mate in the US Navy and assigned to PB4Y-2's. He was on Okinawa when the Japanese delegation came in to sign the peace treaty. Your build is looking great so far. 



If you have any nose-art photos, do share with us!

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Hi again !

Some more work in the last few days:


Some fuselage weathering with oils







More decals, and off with the masks






Now oil and decals are going to dry for some days before going on.

Cheers !


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That's some real lovely work! I have a few of the Koster kits in the stack, one an XP-47 that didn't end well, but also a B-17C conversion. He does some great stuff, and reasonably priced as long as you get it from him and not ebay...:doh:


I'll be watching for the finish!

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