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Upgrading the sleeping cabin

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I am a long haul trucker. And so, I started to feel the toll on my health after years of driving. I am driving Kenworth W900 (2012).


I want to change the sleeping cabin for getting comfy sleep. I don't know whether this article I found online about cabin upgrade will help in getting a good nap. http://www.truckloancenter.com/blog/truck-modification/5-ways-upgrade-sleeping-cabin/  Please share your thoughts on this and suggest me ideas. 


Thank you. 

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One of the things I did when i drove was not use the cab/sleeper curtain but made a curtain that went around the side windows and the windshield it gave the feeling of more room, also dont know about the white noise machine (couldnt sleep without the engine running) maybe now days with APU's it would be different. Invest in a good mattress. I drove heavy haul (10 axles) so I spent alot of time on the road had a sat dish and of course the grill I got so sick of truck stop food, 

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I too had a curtain that went around my doors and windows. I used to idle the truck, but once I bought it, if I didn't need to, I didn't. I was lucky that I had a factory installed fan under the upper cabinet, so I could turn that on and have fan noise all night, if a reefer didn't grace me with his presence. (I hauled a chemical tank)


I also had a satellite dish (the manual, hang on a pole outside the truck, kind) a play station 2 that doubled as a dvd player, and satellite radio. Also a laptop and an aircard. (if that tells you how long ago it was)


 A good mattress, carpet in the sleeper, some nice sheets, and good pillows. Also, try to air the truck out, regularly take out your trash, don't keep any night time bottles in the truck longer than needed (and dispose of them properly!) and don't let your dirty laundry pile up. These things go a long way to keeping the inside of the truck smelling good, along with some febreeze, ozium spray and a nice air freshner or 2....

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