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Hi all,

I have the following kits and accessories for sale:


All kits are open, but complete and in good condition unless otherwise noted.

Prices does not include shipping unless specified otherwise.However, if you buy tree or more kits, I pay half of shipping fee.

Money order, PayPal (buyer pays fee or sends payment as gift) or personal checks are accepted.

Trades in U.S. only; however, I can sell to anyone overseas.


1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18D "Hornet" 'VMFA (AW)-234 Bengals

Blackbox F/A-18 Multipurpose Set
Wolfpack Designs Folding Wing Conversion Set
XMM F/A-18C/D Hornet Air Intake

All for $80.00



1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35A

Kasl Hobby F-35A/B Tail Set

Wolfpack Decals F-35A RAM panel decals

All for 45.00


1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter FGA.9
Aires FGA.9 Detail set
Cutting Edge Hunters Part 1 F.6/FGA.9

All for $45.00


1/48 KITS, some with few extras:

Hasegawa F-15DJ "Aggressor 2009" with Two Mikes Seamless intakes and True Details F-15C/D Eagle wheel sets $50.00

Hasegawa F-14A (Kit P18) with Dream Model Colored photo etched set and  Wheeliant F-14A Tomcat weighted wheels $40.00

Hasegawa RF-4B PHANTOM II U.S.M.C. with Aires Detail Set $80.00

Hasegawa F-4J Phantom II "Showtime 100" with AirDOC F-4C/D with AN/ALR-69 Conversion Set $40.00

Eduard Su-27UB with Quickboost pitot tube (one piece only) and correct nose $60.00

Hobbyboss A-6A "Intruder" $40.00

Hobbyboss F-14D "Tomcat" $40.00

Hobbyboss F-111A Aardvark $40.00

Hobbyboss FJ-4 Fury $20.00

Hobbyboss A-7B Corsair II $20.00

Hobbyboss Hawk T MK.1A $20.00

AMT ES-3A "Shadow" with Aeromaster Viking of the Fleet 48-551 and Royale Resin wheels $35.00

Trumpeter Mig-23M with Quickboost Ejection seat with safety belts $30.00

Revell Germany 04553 F-86D with Superscale F-86D-35-NA FIS/86th FIG $25.00

Tamiya Gloster Meteor F.1. V-1 (Fieseler Fi103) with Eduard 48211 set $30.00


50% off shipping if three or more kits are purchased.




Two Bobs 48-110 Langley's Ironmen F-15s $10.00

Yellowhammer Models F-4J VX-4 & VF-194 $10.00

Two Bobs Decals 48040 F/A-18E 'VFA-14 Super Bugs" $8.00

Fightertown Decals 48039 Prowler Pootenany $10.00

Begemot 48001 Su-15TM " Flagon F" $10.00

Decals include free shipping in the U.S.A.




Aires 4728 (Airfix) P-40B Cockpit set $15.00 (Brand new, but It comes in a F-106B Delta Dart package)

CMK 4150 JAS 39C Gripen Exterior set $14.00

CMK 4148 JAS 39C Gripen Interior Conversion Set $15.00

SOL AIM-120 (F-16 Only) $5.00

Maestro Models Draken Recce Nose$5.00

Black Magic Mig-29 Fulcrum A/C Canopy Masks (Academy) $5.00

PVD Mig-15 Pitot tube $5.00

PVD Mig-19 Pitot but $5.00



1/72 KITS

Trumpeter Tu-95MS "Bear H" with Cooper Details Tu-95Bear Props and Spinners $110.00




Interest only as trade for the following:

1/48 Airfix Hawker Hunter



Thank you.

Juan Solorzano

San Francisco, CA

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On 3/3/2017 at 0:16 AM, solher1 said:

Hasegawa 09352 F-16DJ (No DJ decals, but D version decals) with CMK F-16C/D Block 52+ Falcon European Version Conversion Set $25.00

Hi, Juan, is this still available?

The kit have the clear canopy or the smoke one?


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How much would shipping be to Canada, Postal code B2W2M1 for

1/48 Kinetic Mirage 2000B/D/N

Kinetic Mirage 2000D Color photo etched set

Kasl Hobby Exhaust Nozzles (Heller kit,but will fit Kinetic's)

All for $45.00



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