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I thought I'd try painting the walkways, so I experimented on one of the horizontal stabs to see if I could pull it off. First made a mix of orange using Tamiya XF-3 Flat Yellow and XF-7 Flat red and sprayed in the hgeneral area of the walkways.




Then masked off area using 2mm tape and a sharp No11 blade




Then sprayed over with the fuselage colour and viola...




It was a little time consuming but I'm up for the challenge and I dont want to buy anymore AM for this kit. Thoughts on the colour of the walkways? I was going off drawings so I don't have any real life examples. I planning on fading it in a bit so it wont be so bright. Any real life photos would be appreciated if anyone has any. Thanks for looking...

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Bit the bullet and decided to do the whole walkway thing by masking rather than decals. It took quite a while do get all the masking done...




Finally done... 3 1/2 hours worth to get it right...




Sprayed the grey and here you go. Reallyhappy with the end result..








I'll tone it down a bit. Still haven't found any real life pics of how they look exactly. Few more touch ups and I'm ready for decals...Thanks for stopping by.

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The real life walkway line is a solid yellow line with a red 45° dashed line directly next to it, on the outside of each area.

Virtually impossible to do in this scale, so the way you did it is a good alternative, and most people do no know how the real line looks like.

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6 hours ago, Hajo L. said:

But now you told them! ;)


Anyway, it looks brilliant!




 haha...now you will have bad dreams and wake up at midnight with fast heartbeats....NOW you know! Shame on Lancer! ;-) What do you do to Captain!??


Ya, joking aside...you did a crazy snap job and YOU ARE SO FAST!! Fast...as a shark...(almost).

Hmm...that reminds me of an old song from the 80ies...sung by "Accept" (a german heavy metal band).


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Hahahaha! Now that I know I will NEVER be satisfied with this model!!!😁 


Nah, all good. By the time I fade it in it will be almost all gone anyway. Going for the scheme just before it was changed so lots of fading and weathering. Subtle but noticeable. I've painted the fuel tanks in varying states of weathering and paint application and the pylons will be mix and match as well as I've seen in many photos. Thanks for all your kind comments. 

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Work has been mayhem so progress has slowed down. Putting down some decals... The HaHen decals are nice but it's the first time I've used ALPS type decals and they behave a tad different...for me at least. All good., however time consuming as I find cutting them out a pain... 



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Crap! you'd just make me realize that HaHen decals where of ALPS type... i'd take a look just to confirm the set i own is also of that type:doh:...yep... happily there is not so much stencils to lay down... not like a Norm72 RF-4E for example...



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Hey dude! Where are you hiding? We miss you here and I just realized that your Tornado was not to find in our display case! Hope you are just completely busy with real life and all is fine...ya!??

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