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Eduard Bundesfighter 1/48 F-104 DONE

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es ist abgeschlossen


I have finished this model just in time.  As usual I messed up something right at the end, the ejection handle on the top of the seat fell off and I did not notice until it was in the cockpit. :crying:


It is so small It will be hard to find.


Any way, here are pictures on the work bench. I will do a true photo shoot tomorrow






I hope I have enough paint to continue in the hobby. I never realized how much paint is on that shelf before looking at this picture.


Impressions on the build


I pushed my self on this build.  I refused to be intimidated by Photo Etch.  I also tried black basing, and an oil wash.  I still made some errors with the fit of the canopy parts, and struggled a bit with the Kormoran missiles.


I overcame my dependence on using a lot of putty. I finally learned to use Mr Surfacer, and only the smallest possible amount of putty where needed

I also wasted a lot of time with the rivets.  If you must get rid of the rivets, the Daco set is a better option, or just leave the rivets. I probably could have finished weeks ago had I not spent so much time messing with the rivets.


I have not built many modern kits, most of the airplanes I have built are old monogram tools. It was a delight to work with a modern kit. i would like to build another Hasegawa F-104


I Like what eduard did with this kit. The resin parts all fit perfectly, and were very well detailed. The PE was a challenge for me, but it really adds to the cockpit detail. The decals were easy to work with and applied with no issues. If you want to build a german F-104, this kit is a great value.


Any way, on a personal note, i will be stepping away from the hobby for a bit, I have to focus on studying for a re-certification. I will still be watching the forums, just not building for a bit.


Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions, and encouragement. 




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