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RoG Tornado IDS - AG 51 - Afghanistan

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Well ..... here is my first build .....I want to do a 1/32 Revell Tornado as well .....may end up juggling them both but will at least start with this one.


RoG Tornado IDS in quarter scale

Wingman Decals: 44+97, AG 51, Mazar-e Sharif, August 2008 (I like the cartoon camel and tiger on the fin)

Eduard photo etch set for the IDS - lots of parts - will use some as needed

Eduard Brassin wheels

Aires Wheel Bay Set - supposed to fit the Hobbyboss kit, but going to see if I can get them to fit this kit

Got some Aires seats somewhere in the stash .....have to track them down


The obligatory box top shot ................



First step was dealing with the annoying side-load box Revell supplies ...... closed up the end and opened the top to hinge open



The kit plus extras






WIll post photos as I go along ........


Thanks for looking !



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After sitting here tonight and studying the etched sets in the Eduard Big ED set for the IDS, I think I am going to incorporate the Eduard wheel bay details on this kit.

It will give me a chance to use my new Small Shop photo etch folding tool !


I have another build ongoing of a RAF Tornado GR.4 that I am using the Aires wheel bays on and they look OK .....but I ended up sacrificing the intakes to get the main wheel bays fitted.

For that jet ......intake covers. 


After looking at this build: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234968698-148-tornado-gr1-revell-wip/ 

I think at least the main wheel wells look great ...... so we'll see if I can NOT screw the pooch on them ....hahaha

The nose gear well looks intricate ...... with options to expose a couple of internal access panels or close them up .....took me a while of staring at Eduards instructions

to make heads or tails of what they had printed.


I also have the CMK cockpit ......looks pretty good ....a combo of raised detail for the cockpit side consoles that have more detail than the kit

yet should look better than the flat detail you get from the Eduard colored set. The instrument panels are printed color panels .....which will look

better than any painting I can do ...... and it has the rear cockpit MFDs that look more correctly sized than Revells effort which look way undersized.

It also comes with a new front cockpit instrument coaming ....not sure I will use it yet.


The battle starts tomorrow morning .....pictures to follow.




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Great choice of a recce toni! Has interesting special load out: ofc a recce pod. Hahen must have it, cmk makes nice goodies for the revell toni incl. Wheel wells.

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Small progress ....started with the Eduard set and the nose gear bay

Lots of FLAT parts !



Installed some of the parts .....inner wall details ....9 parts total



First folding part ......trust me ....it is SMALL 



Not bad ! I managed not to screw it up



3 boxes for the nose gear bay .....these will be painted and installed after the gear bay is painted ....each has an additional data placard to attach



More updates later ....had to give my eyes a break after working with those small parts



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Nice work. I am still thinking it is the 1/32 kit with all the PE attached.

I'll be watching your build closely, as I've got three of the IDS kits and one Gr.4 in my stash.

Did you realize this kit contains all the parts for an ECR, too?


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Nice choice of markings! :)

Unfortunately the right looking "old style" digits for 44+97 (and 45+38 as well) are not included in the Wingman sheet, they were deleted from the artwork without any query :(  Maybe you have some spares left from HaHen or similar.

If you have any questions about Luftwaffe & Marineflieger Tornado markings or stencils just ask, I am shure I´m able to help. :)


Kind regards,




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@Lancer: I didn't notice that the kit has the ECR parts in it .....will take a closer look. Thanks for the info !


@JayBee: I do have a couple of the Hahen sheets ....will check them for the correct style numbers ! Thank you for the heads up on that !

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I commend you on your PE work! I've failed enough times that I've banished PE from my builds!


Great start to your build! Looking forward to more progress.



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A quiet Sunday morning is a good time to work on photo-etch





I may have those folded/stacked pieces not in the exact location they were meant to be in ..... not sure they will be seen once everything is installed 




That's it for now .....currently working with photo-etch bits on the main landing gear .............more pics later



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OK .....more photo-etched bits added ........ I feel like I'm qualified to do open-heart surgery on a mouse after this ......


couple of pics showing the main gear bay in place ......a little fiddly getting thing to line up and slip together .....will have to take it apart to paint later





The gear with the little photo-etched hydraulic lines attached ..... there is a long one on each of the main gear that I will bend and feed up the strut once the 

other connections have dried. I got lucky in pre-bending the lines in that they were bent close enough that when put in place.....pressure from the lines held

them against the strut points and I was able to start putting drops of super glue to hold them down.




I figured at this point.....it was time to walk away before I did something to mess them up .....so far...so good



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I have a set of Aires wheel bays fitted to a GR.4 build I have on the side ...... they look good ....the fit ......not horrible ......but I had an issue getting the intakes to fit with the Aires parts installed. Had to do some creative surgery :-) ....That build will have intake covers ....as may this one..... just that the intakes on the Revell kit for 1: are not an accurate representation of the way the actual intakes are set up in that they don;t follow the contours of the external intake walls. The kit part curve inwards way too soon, and 2: cleaning up the seam would be a tough nut to crack. I'm still thinking on it as I have glued the upper and lower intake pieces together tonight.


I like the Eduard parts on the kit wheel bays ..... will see how they look under a very thing coat of paint tomorrow. Hopefully they look as good painted.


tobiK ....combining the 2 sets is an idea, although it could be an expensive one !  I have seen people combine Aires with photo etch to get great results, though I think I would save that idea for a 32nd scale build as it all is so visible.


Will try and post more updates tomorrow.





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Thanks Andrew ...... I think the secret is short sprints .....do a few pieces and step away and come back refreshed with rested eyeballs for another go.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi......had a week break with the visit of family ......then had issues with uploading to Photobucket ......


Finally got past the Photobucket issue .....here are a couple of pics of the cockpit in progress





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More pics to show progress over the last few days


Nose gear well



Main gear well



This hows the seam where the main fuselage meet up with the side piece that makes up the rear side fuselage ......I was very careful in gluing it together to keep seam cleanup to a minimum



This pic shows the remainder of the in-progress cleanup of one of the rear side fuselage sections ....masking tape and a bit of putty .....



another cockpit shot after adding the weapon officer's displays .......



That's it for now ...more work and pics tomorrow


Thanks for looking !






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