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RoG Tornado IDS - AG 51 - Afghanistan

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Was out of town for a week to California ..... that was OK.


Started back up with the build .....


First pic showing the seam of that difficult seam around the intake area.....I glued this end up first as it seemed to be the difficult end to fit




Airbrake area with Eduard pieces fit



where things look ...jut a test fit



topside of the wings



bottom of the wings ....Eduard parts fitted for detail that I am not sure will even be seen later



and finally a test fit of the wings to the fuselage area



fitted extra pieces to the wings as I made a modification to allow the wings to come forward a little more where they should be.

this leaves the wing out of the fuselage and a gap where I filled in with scrap resin and putty.


That's it for today

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@Lancer512 ...... most likely I will have to slightly reshape the wing glove to allow clearance for the edge of the slat.

There's a build over on Britmodeller that covers the change


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Yes, I know that build over at BM. I've been collecting information on how to build this kit ever since it was built over at Florymodels in a video build.

Somehow the project on BM stalled, that's why I was asking.


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I am currently working on fitting the intakes .....trying to line them up to avoid any filling, at least on the sides as those are very noticeable. A little filler on the underside is not as easily seen.

Once I have those done I should be ready to start fitting the wing gloves and then I can evaluate what is needed in regards to slat fit and clearance. 

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I am not sure if that "bible" is already in your library, but it gives answers to many Tornado questions. Contains walkaround, detail shots...feels like a "modernTornado Guide". Incl. a Poster with 1/48 scale aircraft drawings.

I got that book today and thought I have to tell you (and also Crazy Snap Captain) that it is very comprehensive and helpful when building a GAF Tornado.


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Thanks Sabre .....I'm working on fitting the tail fin assembly to the fuselage ......I managed to do a poor job of fitting it and now I'm working on fixing the poor join.


@Tobi .....I have that book ! It's awesome and a terrific reference !

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