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1/144 Academy F-4F "40 Jahre Mölders" -- Done!!

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The aircraft is done!










Now on to the base. I'm leaning towards a white base with the Mölders badge and Spook. I've thought about white and blue lozenges on the base, but I think that would be too busy with the graphics.

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Edit:Thought some more about the base. I was going to paint it and use extra decals from the HaHen set for the badge and Spook. But, then I decided I wanted the design as shown below.  I'll now make the base as I did others, including the X-37B currently in my sig.




With that, I'm going to print the image above as a photo and laminate it atop a white base. Since I'll print this at Costco, I've padded the image with a white border so that when it's printed as a 4x6 photo, the "flag" will be correctly sized to cover the 3x5 MDF base I made last night.

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I'm glad you ran this GB, as it gave me a nice opportunity to add a colorful and unique subject to my display case. The HaHen decals were quite nice to work with, which as very important for this build.

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