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I have for sale the follow items. Will ship anywhere. Prices do not include shipping.  If you have any questions or issues please feel free to PM Me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Prefer paypal for payments.  Thanks for looking!  


For sale. (Buy them all for $100 plus shipping) 
1/72 Kits 
  -OV-10A bronco #1665  $9.00

  -F-8P crusader #12407 $15.00

  -F/A-18C hornet #12432 $15.00
Accurate miniatures
  -F-4D phantom II #0410  $10.00

  -F-15E eagle (updated new mold) #01569 $25.00
  -F-16A fighting falcon (no decals and no box) I have two of these kits. one kit is missing parts D17 and D20. Parts for the bombs.  $9.00 each. Buy both for $15.00
  -F-16C fighting falcon. (No decals) $9.00

  -A-6E intruder. #041 $15.00
  -kfir C7 #163 (no decals) $5.00
  -mig-29 #184 (no decals) $10.00
  -F-89D/J scorpion (new unopened box) $18.00



1/72 Decals. (Buy them all for $100 plus shipping) 
Aero master 
  -F-4B/J Phancy phantom part VI VF-11, VF-84, VF-101. #72-191 $10.00
 -A-7B  VA-215 #72015 $10.00
Balkan models
  -Mig-21 Croatian migs. #7205. $8.00
  -Mi-24 Balkan hinds. #7206. $8.00

Cam decals

  -F-14A VF-33 and VF-41 72-024 $7.00
Caracal models
  -F-5A. Greece, Turkey, Spain, U.S. (some yellowing on the decals)  #72007. $8.00

  -Mig-29 (9-12) Romania, India, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Myanmar. 72012 $10.00
Dutch decal
  -hawker hunter f.MK. 4/6, F-84F, T/F-104G of the RNLAF. #72069. $10.00
Eagle strike productions
  -F/A-18C VFA-147, VFA-81, VFA-105. #72072 $8.00
FCM decals
  -F-14A VF-111 sundowners part 1 #72040 $12.00
  -F-5E/F IRIAF. #72052. $7

  -F-16C buckeye vipers 178th FW, 162 FS Ohio ANG. #72-077.  $8.00
 -F/A-18F VF-41 fighting four-one #72-084. $8.00




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