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So no Vac Form Flanker Canopy...What is everyone using?

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First of all I do have the Zacto Canopy for the Flanker, but I believe I "Hosed" it cutting it. In that event, and with no Vac Form available, what is everyone else doing now with their builds? I seem to recall that Trumpy issued kits which had different (more correct) moldings. Were the Canopy's corrected?



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I am currently doing some testing to try to solve my vacforming problem hoping to re-release both my Su-27 and A-7 canopy sets (as well as future new canopies).

So far the testing has been frustrating but I'm not giving up yet.

I'll eventually announce my success or failure here in the Zactoforum.


As for the re-tooled Trump canopy.

The only "fixed" the forward windscreen part by removing the bulged surface making it straight and not inflated looking. This was a small improvement.

They didn't change the arch intersection to the rear canopy or the rear canopy itself so it's still too big and bulbous.


E-mail me a pic of your "hosed" canopy part and I'll see if I can't help you out.



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Send me a photo of it too,, I think the Flanker is a beautiful plane, and would be glad to try and offer some assistance with a way to try and fix it if possible.



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