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Cleveland, Ohio, any good model shops?

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I visit Cleveland once a year for a baseball weekend (Indians vs. Jays) and oddly enough I can't  help with the hobby shops...strange now that I think about it. But there are two F-4 Phantoms painted up in Blue Angels and Thunderbirds schemes on poles at the downtown airport:


You can get right up to them and look underneath and all around.


While you are there walk 3 minutes to visit this:


Yeah its a Submarine and not an aircraft but it is really well preserved with working engines and unrestored access (in other words you need to enter and exit just as the sailors had to).  It may not be open at this time of year though...but worth a looksee.


Keep walking another five minutes in the same direction and you will bump into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


If you're a hockey fan the arena where the Cleveland Barons played is still standing not far from the Hall of Fame.


If you like beer go to The Great Lakes Brewing Company!


Take a cab...lots of good craft beer on draft.

I also  recommend this spot for a good selection of beer, wings and other good bar foods and good prices:


Its downtown close to where the Indians and Cavaliers play.


HTH some


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The closest museum is the Military Aircraft Preservation Society Museum (MAPS) in North Canton about an hour south of Cleveland.  In my opinion it is definetly worth the drive.  They have a lot of rare aircraft such as B-26 Marauder, F11F Tiger, F-105 Thunderchief.


They have a Corsair cockpit from Goodyear on display as well as a blimp gondola.  The Goodyear blimp hangar is still at Akron Fulton Airport which is a bit closer to Cleveland.  It's where Goodyear made the dirigibles for the US Navy in the 1930's.



Enjoy your trip.  I grew up in the area.



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6 hours ago, DONG said:



I have to agree with Tom MAPS is a very nice museum , they also have shop where they fabricate parts and re-build stuff.





Looks like I am driving 2 hours to Pittsburgh, a friend of mine lives there. We are then flying in his private plane to Dayton to the NMUSAF.


Not kidding, this will be my 27th visit to that museum since 2009.


I'll be back to Cleveland and will visit MAPS.

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MAPS is definitely worth a visit. They've grown immensely in the last 15 years or so. Even have their own decommissioned F-14 that was flown in and then disassembled. 


Up by the airport theres the 100th bomb group restaurant. Ok food, kind of pricey, but the decor is neat. 


Most of the the local shops have been closing lately. I'm not even real sure what's around anymore. I don't think anything very close to downtown Cleveland. 


Marvin20 is your guy for local shops though. 


Theres also a nice museum in Port Clinton about an hour and a half west of Cleveland on the lake. If you've got a car might be worth the drive. I forget what it's called though. 

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