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Norm83 Jabog32 Tornado (1/48 Revell)

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now, a more rewarding part of the modeling hobby for me...

and for those who take a look at my build thread!:woot.gif: (thank you)


the scheme painting! 

most of the job went really fine... been using photos for the scheme ...as i have some old photos of that very subject at hand.(but have  to use internet for some area...)

i've use paper for masking, because i wanted "semi-hard" edge between colors. it achieve the closest effect for that camouflage. but i'll have to o some touch ups in one or two places...

as, while doing the last color (schwarzgrau) the lid of my airbrush fell/pop in a maneuver... resulting in two paint splash of the topside of the model:crying2:... while i manage to limit the overall damages, using the air jet of my airbrush to push the paint away, along the spine toward the exhausts, this have led to a paint excess that ruins the preshading of the area...(something i'd work hard to get right...gone!) ...but all in all i'm rather happy in my bad luck...it could have been way more dramatic...

now, enough words...








hope you liked it!

your comments are welcome and appreciated!

thanks for passing by!

see you soon...






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looks realistic, only the dark grey could be a bit darker (due to my taste). In real it is anthrazit RAL 7016 ( = revell 9). A close match is also Tamiya NATO black. I know, you want a more weathered and faded look. 

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7 hours ago, tobiK said:

looks realistic, only the dark grey could be a bit darker (due to my taste). In real it is anthrazit RAL 7016 ( = revell 9). A close match is also Tamiya NATO black. I know, you want a more weathered and faded look. 

i don't know where i got the idea that the gray area was RAL 7021...maybe from the 2 or 3 sources i've found... but where obviously wrong, it seems...

i would have also liked to make it look darker. it was that was supposed to be with the black preshading of the area...

but an accident forced me to lay way more paint that wished...

for now, it is enough acceptable for me to live with it that way...(more than risking to ruin an otherly rather well done paint job...to my average standards...)


too bad for me, i only use enamel paints...and Tamiya only does its NATO black in Acrylic and rattle can... and Revell paints are not available in my town...

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thanks Captain!

little update...

as i wasn't totally satisfied by my schwarzgrau color...i decided to add some darker touch-ups with the hope it looks slightly better.

ah, also, gloss coated for decals... and some gray area have been done also.



after touch ups:


the fact is that those photos are taken under crude and powerfull lights of my spraybooth. under normal lightning it looks almost black...coal gray-black...

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RAL 7021, RAL 6003, and FS 34079 are the right colors of Luftwaffe Norm 83. There are three different camouflage patterns, called Norm 83A, Norm 83B and Norm 83C. It looks like that your build use the B pattern. To compare, I will upload some 4-view drawings later, plz be patient.

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Shame on me to tell you the wrong RAL code! Ofc schwarzgrau is 7021 and right for Norm 83 camo. Nevertheless Revell 9 is the match for RAL 7021, or xtracolor 262.

I have to admit that now your Klappdrachen looks eally good after your touch ups! 

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As promised the 4 view drawings of Tornado Norm 83B. Ignore the stencils, there are many variants, early, mixed (a mix between early and late) and late type applied on the Norm 83 scheme. This is one of the mixed type.


EDIT: ARC allows me to upload only 0,1 mb...


Try to find another host to show the pictures, the new Arcor service sucks....

















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Don't worry tobiK! that cause no wrong to me!:thumbsup: ...and i agree it looks better now.

this might have something to do with the "scale effect" (which tends to lighten, light colors...and darkened a little more, darker colors...


and Thank you Jaybee! somehow i manage to "match" the 4 view drawings by instinct... creating my wraparound from various photos (i only have side ones in my things)

i was  aware that there was 3 distinct versions of norm83 on tornados, but didn't know what version i was trying to depict.

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 was eager o lay down some decals... and curious to see how behave the HaHen decals...

well... it turn out to be kind of a pain... for me, at least. and it's partly my fault...

too bad nobody makes a 1/48 norm83 tornado, neither a kit nor a decal sheet... it's whether gray birds, marines... or any of the numerous colorful special scheme... but no 1/48 norm83 tornados...

so, to make mine, i have to do some compromise: using a decal set that was intended for a gray bird. hoping i could salvage some stuff to make it look correct. 

for some parts it has work... for other... a bit less...

for the jabog32 crest it works fine. same for the cross and number parts... but very few stencils where finally usable... because of on thing:

the decals where slightly out of register! for example: no red stencils...only kind of pink-red-white outlined stencils...:crying2:

i though the "no step" where black... at least, that's how they look on the sheet...

but in fact, they are black with a light gray outline:


that doesn't look right to me...

i was wondering if i had lay all those no step for nothing... i tough i could try to add some yellow over them to make them more conform to 4 view drawing provided.


with a dab of tamiya clear yellow, it has work fine... it might not be accurate, but it looks fine...better than before at least...


other than that... the hahen decals are thin and are not reacting so well with decal solvent like mr.mark softer... one must be careful if you don't wanted to see your decals crack and shattered when drying.

it has happened with many of my decals...but only discovered it a tad too late...

i had to patch the yellow on the germany flag (cut some yellow from the kit's decals...and overlay on the installed decal...not perfect, but ok.)


...this cause me to use more of the kit's decals than intended originally...

and my last bugger, this time, all my fault... a misplaced decals...i've been mislead by HaHen instructions (that are, "incomplete" to say the least...half the decal placement are no indicated!)


the "yellow outlined notfall warning" is placed too forward...when i realized i was mislead it was dried...:crying2:...i am now thinking of how i'll do that sign by myself...






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Sorry to read you had so much trouble with the decaling job.

I´ve designed the decals for the Wingman Models Tornado (Norm 95 and single grey variants) part I sheet. AFAIK other Norm schemes should follow - on the other hand I read at the Tornado SIG forums that this first sheet doesnt sell very well and Wingman Models will not release any other Tornado sheet in the near future. This information was provided last year by the owner of Wingman Models - Andreas Klein, at Telford to customers which are hoping to buy the Part II release. May be the situation has changed, dont know that... I am not a part of the designers anymore.


The stencils btw are easy to do for Norm 83 Luftwaffe & Marine Tornado - you only have to change some colors (most black) on the existing artwork. They are more or less 100% identical on Norm 83 LW and Marine Tornado. The hardest and challenging part is to find good refs for the "extra thing" what make the decal sheet interesting and makes the difference, like zappings or other little special marks applied during exercise and anniversaries.


About the HaHen decals,

AFAIK early ones are printed using ALPS printers (including visible dither on colored items), later HaHen changed and improved printing method using modern solvent ink printers like the one the singmaker industry is using. (Roland VS printer and similar) The resolution is much better compared to ALPS but have the same disadvantage, need printing white under every CYM decals to make them opaque. On very small stencils this could (not should) be a problem spotting a very small white border around the decals. Black, white, silver, gold do not need white underlay, they are opaque.


I do not own any HaHen decals, but maybe this is the problem you mentioned. May be tell HaHen your problem and hoping for a replacement sheet. I read on a German forum Harald Hensel, the owner of HaHen is a very smart and helpfull guy if some problems comming up with is products.


The only sheet including Norm 83 decals is the first Hobby Boss Luftwaffe Tornado release, but I dont know how accurate they are.


Good luck & kind regards,



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thank you Juergen

this was very helpful and informative. i feel blessed being informed by such knowledgeable people.


i do understand that norm83 tornado is not of everyone's taste/interest...

nor would i blame anyone not to cover it... (i was suspecting something in the range of what you wrote, about the unpopularity of some modelling subjects...it's just a little sad though... i did try to find the wingman decal set, but failed. )



happy to read that HaHen have improve their decals, i was not intending to be harsh on them. some of the off-registering only shows because they are placed over a dark surface.

i have try to use those stencils because i have buy the sheet for the Jabog32 crest, and needed the numbers. (i could have use the kit's decals number to achieve it...but...was thinking to do a wiser move by using hahen products)

the fact that i didn't prepare/inform myself properly before this project is only my fault. and since i don't wanted to invest anymore money now, on this very project, i'll have to live with my choices...and a slightly less accurate model than initially expected...







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There is a customer at Modellversium talking about the same off-register problem you have. KLICK  Plz scroll down the page and take a look at the red stencils - do they look the same like your decals? Those decals at Modellversium are printed with old ALPS technology - white prints first -  if you make a mistake in driver settings during printing the colors after that, the register gets off.


The new HaHen ink printer type decals print all colors in one go, so "off - register" with that technology is afaik nearly imposible. As I mentioned in the post before a small border of white could (not should) be visible.


So, if your decals looks like the same at the Modellversium site, there is maybe hope to get a new sheet from Harald to make you satisfied.


Kind regards,


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I've had the same problem with the HaHen decals. The instructions are not very good at all with wrong numbers indicated and heaps of decals either not shown on the instructions and/or inaccurately indicated. As for the decals, I think it's a combination of my lack of skill and experience with ALPS decals. I think I'm going to skip some of the smaller details and stencils as I have already buggered up most of them.


P.S. Nice gloss coat on your Tonka

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Should you need the Wingman decal sheet for the grey Tonis, I can give you mine. Next time I meet Andreas or Falk I can source one again for me.

For having trouble with haHen decals, you should realy get in contact with Harald. I m sure he will try to help you!

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i'll finally stick with what i already have, since there is finally no leftover wingman tornado sheet available.

(it was what i was facing while gathering stuff for this project, and it's only after failling to find the wingman set that i decide to go the HaHen way for my project)

it's a bit sad for me, but, at  the same time, it will help me keep the cost down for this project...

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I like your ambitious attitude! But sometimes the wallet has to suffer when we modellers want to reach something special. That is the downside of that nice hobby. Hopefully you can get in touch with harald so the missing stencil instruction can be solved and you can take more advantage of the haHen decals.

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i agree that sometime the hobby can get a bit more expensive than expected... not an expensive hobby, only limited resources to allocate to... also, this very project is what i'd call an "opportunistic" one... i got the kit at a model show last year... wanted to bring back a model done for this year event. also wanted to go forward as there is other projects to come...

as for the HaHen decals, i don't think there will be much kind of aftersale service for me, as i bought the decals "second hand"... he told me that since 2014 his decals are printed with Eco solvent printing with no offsetting... and from what i can understand i'll have to spend another 20 some euros to figure out if the sets i wanted will be on par with what i expect from a decal sheet.

honestly. from my own experience i would not recommend to any to buy those products. i'm a bit sad i can't live with the idea to toss such a great looking model (in regards of my modelling ability) a few months, the time i'll source appropriate decals.

for the moment, i have scrapped those horrendous "no step" decals. since i have the genius idea to try to give the a coat of yellow...i have to use a bit of lacquer thinner to access the decal... use decal solvent and a file... with moderate damage to the model... will have to repaint the wings and stabs... men, i never experienced such pain with decals! 


i wish i could find a good black and white image of those German "no step" ...i'd print them by myself, it couldn't be worst than what i've experienced...

Edited by mingwin
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On 18.5.2017 at 6:09 AM, mingwin said:

i wish i could find a good black and white image of those German "no step" ...i'd print them by myself, it couldn't be worst than what i've experienced...


I am able to help you out and send you a vectorbased PDF including the NO STEP markings. Plz send PM and tell me your mailaddress.

Edited by JayBee
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  • 1 month later...

it's a while since the last update...

been taking vacations, and doing other stuff around the house! it's summertime!


nonetheless i've done some work on the model...

first of all, i must thank member JayBee, without your kind help, i think that i would have been turn off from this project by the HaHen decal experience...

happily, the few stencils provided by this helpful fellow member where enough to help me to dress a little more my build. that, with a few stencils from the kit's decal sheet...and a few more salvaged from the HaHen set. (and few more yellow items from other nato jets)


since last update, i've lay most of the decals, matt cote, add some wash, matt cote... i've removed the paint masks on the canopy...


once the masks remove...

i've discovered the horror that had happened underneath...


for some reason, there was so little space between the windshield and the IP coaming that there was some capillarity action on the extra thin glue... but since my masks where already on, i didn't see it happen...


like if this was not enough painful...

i remove the masking over my nosecone... just to discover that the "ultra low tack" tape used have leave a very sticky glue residue...that have reacted with the gloss coat of the cone...

i was quite disgusted...


but i'm not the kind of man that let down so easily! I WILL FIGHT!!!

last pic is just to show the lead wire that i've added inside the canopy.


more to follow... soon!

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i've cleaned the nosecone, i had to sand down some area...prior to a repainting.

to do so (the cleaning) i've use some tamiya masking tape, to protect the surrounding paint and decals...

even under one gloss coat ant two flat cote layer... the decal didn't stick to the model... a few decals have lifted with the masking tape... they where all HaHen...(the was some revell and some home made decals there too...and they keep on the model)

i even manage to remove this large one from the tamiya masking tape without breaking the decal! (3 clear layer over the decal) ...those decals where very shitty to the least!


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i've removed the canopy and the windshield. without breaking anything! 

here's the crazed windshield


the IP coaming


i begin with the sanding down of the coaming. making sure that it won't touch the inner side of windshield


i didn't documented the work on the inner side of the windshield. but serious efforts where done to repair/restore the part. i sanded away most of the crazed areas (3)

been sanding down smooth from 180 to 6000 gritt. nonetheless, some craze hame manage to find its way inside the plastic, leaving some small clouds... but i'd say i'm satisfied.


the windshield is glued on, but not the canopy... i'll have some cosmetic job to hide the seam around the windshield.




that will be all for today!

thank you to come by!

hope it was a bit entertaining! 

have a nice modeling time!





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