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Norm83 Jabog32 Tornado (1/48 Revell)

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Oh yes. I've made the mistake with Tamiya Extra Thin on windshelds more than once. I ended up sanding and polishing the complete inner surface of a 1/72 Mirage 2000 windshield and was able to save it. But the mojo took a big hit.


Although it may save time, using Extra Thin on windshields is unforgiving. I am going to stick with PVA glue around the cockpit coamings.

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this week have been a more pleasant modelingwise... 

i haven't had much time to spend on my hobby, as i've started a new job (firsts weeks are always a bit more demanding)

but the short times i could spend on my project where more fun... bringing back a bit of the lost mojo...

here's some photos...


this week i have "repaired" the nosecone... and repainted the green ring at its base (will need some weathering in order "blend" more seamlessly)


it was fun to add the paint touch ups...  some are base on photo evidences... some were lay down using a bit of artistic licence...but not much.


i also have glued the thrust reverse panels... still some work to do on them... i'll also need to paint grey areas over the stabs pivots, as the decals i have where or wrong shape...


i haven't glued back yet the clear parts...


my weathering is as close as i can get, from the actual airplane, from my photos. i'm rather satisfied...still have lots of job to do before i can call it done!


i have also failed to depict the thrust reverser  mechanism sprockets... those were too tiny and the plastic i've handy, too brittle... so i've use punched plastic dots...to fill the void.


so, again

thank you all for your visit. 

your comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated!

hope to see you soon! ...with some more progress!

have a nice modeling time!






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sorry for the long time without any update

been beginning a new job... that prevent me from posting update...

that... and the fact that i'm in search for a new photo hosting solution...


the model itself is 99.9% done... it only misses its canons...


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Oh, too bad! Usually we should plan our job careers due to GB schedules ;-)

well only canons missing would justify your toni to enter the display case. I remember that someone told me that the canons are in the workshop for maintainance....

right, the pb problem is annoying. I found a home at www.flickr.com and it works well. Only to the path how to get the link adress for a pic is a bit tricky....but once you know...


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