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LN7 - small scale, upscale awkwardness (Out of box)

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It’s one thing for a car’s styling to be weird or polarizing (or both – ask AMC), but it’s another to be both of those things and STILL be forgotten! If you think about the Ford EXP (which I do, more than I should), it was pretty odd and polarizing too. Weird bug-eye headlights and  odd two-seaterness certainly made it a car that most people recognized, even if they didn’t want to.


Now imagine being even weirder looking than that, and then being almost totally forgotten! That’s what it’s like to be the EXP’s upscale brother. That’s right, the EXP had a twin: the Mercury LN7! Most of the time, Mercuries don’t get kitted for some reason. However, back in the early ‘80s, Monogram came to the rescue and re-tooled their EXP mould to produce the bubble-backed Mercury version.


It may be a small kit, but it certainly captures all the increased awkwardness of the real thing! Check out the 1/32 Mongram LN7 at the link below. Remember, sometimes we forget things as a favour to ourselves; you’ll see what I mean!





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Wow, I had a white one with blue interior.  It was a great little ugly car until the timing belt went and I bent all of the valves.  The don't call them early 1.6l Kent heads crash heads for nothing.

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White with blue would actually look pretty nice, given how ugly the car actually was!


Lolz! That's a good point! Sorry to hear that happened. My dad's '89 Escort's timing belt went, but it was the 1.9 and thankfully no damage was done!

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