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BaE Sea Harrier FRS.1 "Operation Corporate" - 1/48 Kinetic

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Absolutely WONDERFUL Slee!
The SHAR must be one of the most recognizable shapes of the Cold War aircraft and the first picture of your model says it all. XZ457 looks stunning. Great paintjob and effects. Can you tell us more on the paints/weathering process?
A true winner!


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Came across this looking for info.

Superb Build thanks for sharing this.

I have been studying the Falklands Conflict since 1982. Concerning the use of the AIM-9L supplied by the US. These were early production versions and were originally white instead of the light grays of latter versions. Also, due to the limited supply of these missiles each Sea Harrier would only carry 2 missiles plus fuel tanks. Range and Loiter times were driving the bus, This was simply a tactical decision by the RN. Haven't come across any evidence of Sea Harriers carrying more than two, even though they could.

Again, your build is very well done.


John Ballman


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Missed this one the first time around. Really a nice build. Git the same kit and want to do a Falklands conflict airframe too. I wonder how much fun it was putting on all the PE vortex generators? :evil-laughter:

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