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Here you can post internet links, pictures, articels what is related to the GB. Also what was useful for your project or could be helpful for our fellow GB mates. Hints for colorschemes and paint / model paint companies as well as decal options are also welcome.

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Here I start with a link for german F-104 Starfighters:


916??? It is a Ducati motorbike? Well, I guess it has something to do with the number of produced Starfighters by MBB and SABCA  for german AF/Marine...


Here you get information from a former crew chief, pictures and stories. Mostly in german kanguage.

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Even they sell prints of jets it is a good ref. for squadrons and GAF jets. Line jets as well as special schemes.


...looks like VERY Tornado addicted!!!

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Great pics, Hajo! So no outreason anymore for "uhh, that was not used with/at/blabla..." WTD61 unit makes (almost) everything possible!


Here I add a few Typhoon (Eurofighter) pics. I shot them a few years ago at JG 74.






here you see some red FOD






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Just a couple of pictures of the latest German Air Force anniversary scheme. Last year was the 60th anniversary of the German Air Force, and this year is the 60th anniversary of the LTG 61 (Air Transport Wing 61). The C-160D had the official rollout last monday, and made it's first public appearance away from it's home base just three days later on thursday at our local flying clubs's airshow.


Edit: The color is RAL 9006 Weissaluminium. This is the same color as on the bottom of the Norm 72 F-104 Starfighters and F-4 Phantoms.




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Yeasterday I visited a model show in a former Luftwaffe airfield bunker. It is the Flugplatzmuseum from Leipheim airbase. Besides 1:1 G-91, Alpha Jet, UH-1D ... I could meet the brothers of Alex and they agreed to take pictures. 

So here are two examples how Luftwaffe pilots looked like some days ago.
















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His cousin was an Alpha Jet driver in the end of that jet's aera in Luftwaffe service I guess. So no orange flightsuit anymore.

Take note: it is the same Guineau helmet like before, only painted in grey. (Damn! I forgot my  RAL color cart to compare the colors from the original!).











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