Venezuelan Sukhoi SU-30 MK2

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Thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna start by glueing the rear upper part of the fuselage to try to have not many troubles in the rest of the plane, and as Jani said gather the gap on the easiest part, I share his opinnion, it would be close to the radome, I added a little piece of plasticard behind one of the gaps, since after many dry fits I realized the problem was going to be mainly on one side, one side is gonna have a fair joint but the other side will need filling, and following your suggestion I'm gonna use CA to reinforce the bond and be able to scribe easily afterwards! the glue is drying as I type so maybe tomorrow I'll have some images to show you, weather it's a succes or a mess!


I really appreciate your insight and precious help!!

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Well it looks like the gap is pretty much gone and there's only a couple of touch ups to do! the Quickboost resine nose really makes a difference on this kit's profile!


My photobucket is acting up so I'm not able to post comparisson shots, but so far I'm happy with the result!

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